Written and Edited by: Supriya Sivabalan & Gan Pei Zoe

The Viewing Gallery was filled with booths galore as students streamed in, eager to grab the opportunity to get a college-friendly health check at the many stations that Sunway Student Volunteers managed to secure for their Health Week that took place on the 15th – 17th of October 2019. 

Kicking off one of the more popular “items on the menu” is the blood donation drive. It was very heart-warming to see that many healthy students were lined up to donate blood at the Pusat Darah Negara Malaysia booth after going through a thorough screening process. The screening process required them to fill up a consent form and attend a mini-counseling session, among other things. This is done to ensure that potential donors meet all the necessary criterion of a healthy donor. 

Mini check-up stations before donating blood!

After one has donated blood, they are to consume glucose to help them gain strength after expelling such huge amounts of blood out of their system. Hence, the booth organisers actually prepared a chocolate bun and chocolate milk for all their donors!

To nourish all the kind donors!

Besides some delicious munchies, donors also receive a certificate of appreciation for their kind service. Kudos to all Sunway Students who supported the blood donation drive!

Official certification of kindness! :p
Proud of Sunway Students!


Besides that, there was also a booth that conducted HIV-testing set-up. Upon observation, the testing process was very interesting! After filling in a survey of your sexual history, they will perform a blood test and do some “magic” (well, we’re sure it’s a very intricate process behind determining these results but we were not let in on the secret of course!), and voila! – they will discretely let you know of your results. 

Filling in a form for HIV testing

This is a very good booth to have during Health Week as it provided students with a safe space for them to get a quick test and address any worries they may have with certified health practitioners. The booth also provided adorable infographics regarding the “lesser-known” STDs that young students should be aware of. 

Talking to the kind health practitioner at the booth!
Reading the cute infographics provided

There was also a booth from the National Kidney Foundation that provided sign-up sheets to be an organ donor. The volunteers at the booth were ever-ready to answer any questions and were so fun and chill to talk to. 

The volunteers of the National Kidney Foundation!

Furthermore, the Association of Chiropractic Malaysia provided a free spinal screening that intrigued many students. Those who were interested had to fill up a form with their health details. The participants were escorted to a different room to be examined. The examination was carried out by a few final year chiropractic degree students from International Medical University(IMU). It began with a posture check where participants had to stand facing the wall while the chiropractic students walked around to check for any abnormalities. Then, the participants were told to perform different stretching exercises to examine their body agility. 

After the thorough examination, the results were revealed along with detailed explanations. Most participants experience issues such as misalignment of the spine, unbalanced placement of the pelvis bone and slouching. Misalignment of the spine could affect the function of other organs, hence, participants were advised to visit a chiropractor for treatment. 

‘Professional bone crackers are here to check your postures!!’

With the increased amount of hours spent on phones and laptops (doing assignments and not watching youtube videos of course), the eye check-up booth also became quite a popular booth for students to visit. Most students were wondering if it was time to buy new spectacles or they had taken good care of their eyes. 

‘Can you see the tiny house on the hill?’

A big shoutout to students from Sunway Student Volunteers(SSV) for encouraging students to live a healthy life by providing various check-ups for free. University commitments may take up a lot of one’s time, however, it is imperative that one takes care of their physical health too. While young students may not feel the side effects of an unhealthy lifestyle at this time of life, but the side effects could surface in the future. Denis Waitley once said “Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” Practice a healthy lifestyle and have frequent body check-ups before it’s too late!

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