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Prompt: What is spirituality to you?

Note: All opinions are the writer’s own.


Spirituality is being in tune with the spirit, which is also your life guide. Your guide is the one who follows you in life and possibly, also creates your path in life. Another aspect of spirituality is your intuition. Religion counts too, as it can bring inner peace. Plus, religion also involves getting in touch with your ancestors. Spirituality is about the tranquility of being in tune with yourself anyway, with knowing your auras and communicating with the spirits.
– Natasha


Spirituality to me is something that is beyond this world,
hidden away in spaces between our thoughts,
tucked in the silver lining of every cloud,
and unfurled at the first flutter of our hearts.
– Anonymous


Spirituality to me is about being connected to the world around you, and also to be at peace with yourself- to search for meaning and purpose in life.
– Anonymous


Spirituality is the personification of someone’s soul. Maybe it’s what they have internalised, or what their deepest beliefs are. And I mean beliefs that go beyond the materialistic, like who was right or wrong in recent political debate. I think it’s more about raw, animalistic thoughts: who created the wind, where do animals go when they die, how did the galaxies in the universe get its colours.
– Triny


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Spirituality is a moment. 

There I was, leaking tears in spite of my pride, bleeding out of internal wounds, choking on imaginary smoke. Who do I talk to? Who can possibly understand? What will extinguish a broken heart?

And that’s when I sank deep. That first plunge into a swimming pool on a hot day, your senses all soothed, noise muted, blue, and you wish you could stay under forever. You walk to God and He runs to you. That’s spirituality. Finding peace of mind in the care of something bigger.

– Fajar



To me, spirituality is the journey of finding yourself in others — in people, in nature, in art. It is the journey of finding your truest identity; one unbeknownst to the world, one that cannot be reflected even by the shiniest of mirrors. It is the journey of finding your purpose. Your ambition. Your resolution.

– Anonymous



I don’t believe in God. At least, not as a singular, omnipotent, all-seeing entity in the sky. That image has always felt like a sick man’s desperate attempt to create consolation for life after death, for order, condensed and fed on the doubts of all others and grew into religions. Life is so short, yet so excruciatingly and insufferably long at the same time. Yet ultimately, all we want is assurance. All we want is hope and love. To me, spirituality is the capacity of giving and receiving that hope and love to make life worth living. Maybe it’s programmed in most of us, maybe it’s some innate attraction to happiness that we fall in love, that we hold hands with friends, and look out for each other. We try to make each other smile and we make juice from fermented fruits, we get drunk and dance under fairy lights. We make flower crowns and take so many pictures, hang them around our rooms so we’ll always see the people that we love. And sometimes it’s ourselves. We learn phrases of encouragement in foreign languages and dye our hair and laugh together. 

And as much as meditation and peaceful prayers are treasured, spirituality also comes from the chaos of people. God is in the people you have loved, are loving, and will love.

I hope that includes yourself.

– Rin


Spirituality to me is being self-connected and present in life. It’s way too easy to get caught up in an ever-changing world where we are constantly being kept on edge, stuck in the whirlwind of having to plan for every tiny aspect of your life path, obsessed with being prepared for every possible scenario, consumed by the need to satisfy pressures put on you by society or even by your own expectations. It reaches a point where life is not about living, but planning for the future, and then failing to live in the present. 

I guess, simply put, spirituality to me means being happy, satisfied and grateful with yourself and your life. It is being able to remove yourself from the materialism that has become so ingrained in modern living, even if just for a little while. And it is knowing yourself, and being able to tell yourself: 

“You know what? I’m glad I exist.” 

– Jaclyn Heng


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Spirituality is that ray of light in the darkness, giving me hope, tranquility and the will to love myself. It provides me with inner peace and answers to problems I couldn’t solve. 

Spirituality, to me, is something worth experiencing, not just something to write about. 

– Tricia Jing Xian


Spirituality is a form of self-realisation, in which we learn to communicate with our inner selves, to connect and resolve.

– Anonymous


Spirituality is many things, but I’ll be honest here. When people bring up spirituality, the first thing that comes to mind would be supernatural beings. It’s totally different to the common meaning of spirituality, but the word “spirit” in it does contain a hint of ghost-like elements. I believe spirituality has something to do with supernatural and unexplained things because many of it can be traced to religious practices, which itself is a form of spirituality. Finding your inner-self and all that, does coincide with looking through your own soul and finding a subconscious entity that religion may tell us. However, my perspective of spirituality is heavily influenced by the tales of old told by elders in the family. Maybe they wanted me to explore my true identity. Maybe they wanted to pass down these ancient beliefs. 

– Anonymous


Spirituality can be uniquely different for every individual. It may always remain as a mystery to me, but I like to picture it as a place where eternal freedom and joy meets the interconnectivity of every little thing that is true, noble, right and pure in this vast cosmic universe; beyond physical matter and our sensory experiences. Our inner core, mind and spirit are weightless, unraveled from the shackles of the world. Our souls, they rest in the embrace of divine peace that abounds and transcends all understanding.

– Lynn


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