President: Shay Azman

Birthdate: 29th July

Course: International Business

3 things they do a lot: daydreaming, dancing in the shower, watching crime/law shows

Hobby that defines them: eating :”)

Favourite Album: none yet~ but favourite song is loosing interest by Shiloh

Favourite Film: Adam Sandler films (cant choose one soz)

Favourite Famous Person: Shay Mitchell

One of their goals: end global warming lol

Additional Stuff: ig @ shayxspeare and personal email,

Vice President: Julia Sam

Birthdate: 25th May

Course: DCOMM

3 things they do a lot: watching movies, listening to music, dancing

Hobby that defines them: crying because she can’t buy French books in Asia easily and wishing she could pull off dark academia

Favourite Album: Current by Tame Impala

Favourite Film: Blazing Saddles

Favourite Famous Person: Cillian Murphy

One of their goals: to become a film director/producer

Additional Stuff: has two small bumps on her forehead like to dot/comma Japanese painted brows so she looks eternally mean and judgy but is friendlier than she looks, maybe. ig @ nottoowild

Organizing Officer: Philix Peng

Birthdate: 14th August

Course: Business Management

3 things they do a lot: gaming, reading and playing the ukelele

Hobby that defines them: singing

Favourite Album: Divide by Ed Sheeran

Favourite Film: Spirited Away

Favourite Famous Person: Gwendoline Christie

One of their goals: to open a small, cosy café when he retires

Additional Stuff: I’m what they call a gentle giant ig @ p_peng0814

Organizing Officer: Natasha Maya

Birthdate: 13th April

Course: DCOMM

3 things they do a lot: reading fiction, watching documentaries, crying

Hobby that defines them: writing

Favourite Album: Malibu Nights by Lany

Favourite Film: Parasite

Favourite Famous Person: Zayn Malik

One of their goals: to publish a book