HOD: Pei Zoe

Birthdate: 24th July

Course: Actuarial Sciences

3 things they do a lot: reading the Bible, sleeping, watching YouTube videos

Hobby that defines them: reading the Bible

Favourite Album: Youngblood by 5SOS

Favourite Film: The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Favourite Famous Person: Lee Jong Suk

One of their goals: to live a God-glorifying life

Additional Stuff: ig @ peizoeee

Assistant HOD: Wu Wen Qi

Birthdate: 18th June

Course: Actuarial Sciences 

3 things they do a lot: reading, listening to music, crafting

Hobby that defines them: painting

Favourite Album: Eye Wide Open by Sabrina Carpenter

Favourite Film: Hercules (Disney’s)

Favourite Famous Person: Avril Lavigne

One of their goals: be more confident when talking to people

Additional Stuff: @wenqi917 @sunwaysolidd

Our Reporting Writers

Cheng Joan

Birthdate: 23rd November

Course: BCNS

3 things they do a lot: eating, listening to songs on Spotify and sleeping

Hobby that defines them: reading, sports and eating

Favourite Album: Melodrama by Lorde

Favourite Film: La La Land

Favourite Famous Person: Natalie Portman

One of their goals: survive uni because bRUH

Hiba Azhari

Birthdate: 9th September

Course: Computer Science

3 things they do a lot: coding, singing and reading

Hobby that defines them: singing

Favourite Album: Wasteland, Baby! By Hozier

Favourite Film: prefers shows over movies, but Knives Out

Favourite Famous Person: Kevin Hart

One of their goals: to not have to do work that she don’t love

Additional Stuff: her coding portfolio site coming soon!

Michelle Cheong Chai Lin

Birthdate: 21st July

Course: Communication

3 things they do a lot: journaling, going  on walks, overthinking

Hobby that defines them: travelling

Favourite Album: 1989 by Taylor Swift

Favourite Film: Mulan (1998)

Favourite Famous Person: Shonda Rhimes

One of their goals: to be part of a creative production team

Nicholas TYK

Birthdate: 20th January

Course: ACCA

3 things they do a lot: reading, playing golf, listening to music

Hobby that defines them: golf and badminton

Favourite Album: Westlife albums

Favourite Film: N/A

Favourite Famous Person: N/A

One of their goals: to become an entrepreneur

Name: Twis Siew Hui Qi

Birthdate: 25th May

Course: A Level

3 things they do a lot: Cooking, Working out, Personal Project Professor Polymer

Hobby that defines them: Imagineering

Favourite album: HoneyWorks Zutto Maekara Suki Deshita

Favourite film: Parasyte

Favourite famous person: Twilight Sparkle

One of their goals: Set up my own student community

Additional Stuff: Professor Polymer Facebook ig @prof.polymer & website

Name: Shanay Low Shi Lynn

Birthdate: 14th December

Course: A Level

3 things they do a lot: Watch documentary, do homework, dance

Hobby that defines them: Dance

Favourite album: I don’t have a favourite. I generally like unique music

Favourite film: Hamilton

Favourite famous person: Cleopatra

One of their goals: to own a business

Additional Stuff: none