HOD: Garv Nair

Birthdate: 21st November

Course: Computer Sciences

3 things they do a lot: reading mangas, playing video games, spaghetti code

Hobby that defines them: making “terrible, no good, very bad memes” 

Favourite Album: The College Dropout by Kanye West, but anything by Kanye is a gift

Favourite Film: Django Unchained

Favourite Famous Person: Dave Chapelle

One of their goals: wants a large but not too large house with wooden flooring, no dust in sight, minimalist and 3 cats and one of them will be named “Beans” 

Additional Stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlTVcvWd2tg 


Birthdate: 22nd December

Course: DCOMM

3 things they do a lot: watching movies, sleeping and singing

Hobby that defines them: singing and any types of sports

Favourite Album: Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa

Favourite Film: Avengers: Endgame

Favourite Famous Person: way too many but Zac Efron

One of their goals: wanna be able to work and travel

Additional Stuff: Hi I’m Emily, I’m from Myanmar. I’m part of the Production Team. I like traveling, taking pictures and making videos.

The Production Team

also our organizing officer

Philix Peng

Birthdate: 14th August

Course: Business Management

3 things they do a lot: gaming, reading and playing the ukelele

Hobby that defines them: singing

Favourite Album: Divide by Ed Sheeran

Favourite Film: Spirited Away

Favourite Famous Person: Gwendoline Christie

One of their goals: to open a small, cosy café when he retires

Additional Stuff: I’m what they call a gentle giant ig @ p_peng0814


Birthdate: 7th October

Course: ACCA

3 things they do a lot: Netflix, listening to music and online shopping

Hobby that defines them: playing with makeup

Favourite Album: When We Fall Asleep, Where do We Go by Billie Eilish

Favourite Film: Little Women

Favourite Famous Person: Zayn Malik

One of their goals: to become a chartered accountant


Birthdate: 16th December

Course: Communication

3 things they do a lot: snacking, watching videos, snacking

Hobby that defines them: shopping

Favourite Album: have none

Favourite Film: Me Before You

Favourite Famous Person: Uncle Roger and Jenn Chia

One of their goals: to be happy cause she has no dreams

Additional Stuff: Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have a gun, Get in the van

Julia Sam

Birthdate: 25th May

Course: DCOMM

3 things they do a lot: watching movies, listening to music, dancing

Hobby that defines them: crying because she can’t buy French books in Asia easily and wishing she could pull off dark academia

Favourite Album: Current by Tame Impala

Favourite Film: Blazing Saddles

Favourite Famous Person: Cillian Murphy

One of their goals: to become a film director/producer

Additional Stuff: has two small bumps on her forehead like to dot/comma Japanese painted brows so she looks eternally mean and judgy but is friendlier than she looks, maybe. ig @ nottoowild

Name: Yuin

Birthdate: 2nd April

Course: Bachelors in Actuarial Studies

3 things they do a lot: Practice dancing (K-pop), hang out with friends and watch my favourite youtubers

Hobby that defines them: Roleplaying – it allows me to step into other people’s shoes and understand their perspectives better in forms of acting

Favourite album: Stray Kids Cle 1: Miroh album, yes I’m a K-pop stan!

Favourite film: Radio Rebel! *inserts debby ryan meme*

Favourite famous person: How to choose when I fawn over so many K-pop boys? Jokes, I think if I had to choose one, Stray Kids Changbin (I think it’s pretty clear I like Stray Kids, please stan)

One of their goals: To always stay healthy (the pandemic scarred me)

Additional Stuff: ig @yuin.png

Name: Tris

Birthdate: 29th March

Course: CAT-ACCA

3 things they do a lot: listening to music, fangirling, chilling at cafes

Hobby that defines them: Cafe Hopping

Favourite album: Neo Zone

Favourite film: Night’s Tightrope

Favourite famous person:Johnny Suh from nct 127!!

One of their goals: I want my achievements to give a positive impact on me and around my surroundings like being able to help out the poor as somebody who has the power to change the world.

Additional Stuff: ig @ electri8blue