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Google I/O Extended Kuala Lumpur 2018

Google I/O Extended KL (IOxKL) is an annual developer conference which is hosted by Google Developers Group Kuala Lumpur (GDGKL). This event is spread and echoed from the original I/O talk from Mountain View, California which took place earlier this year in May, to other programmers and Google Developers here in Malaysia. Google I/O showcases the latest technical with in-depth sessions focused on building Web, Mobile and other enterprise applications, a majority of which use Google’s free open sources that are available on the web.

This year, IOxKL was held at Sunway University on the 15 July 2018. Over 450 attendees and volunteers came to support and make this event possible. There were many partners that were involved in this event such as MoneyLion, Nettium, Nintex, Agmo, iFlix and Time. Other supporters such as Google, Sunway University, GDG KL and Sunway Tech Club played a significant part of this event that made it possible.