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Monthly Musings : Unity

As July’s theme is Unity, we asked our writers the following prompt: 

“What is the biggest sign of unity that you’ve seen in your life?”

Here’s what they had to say:

“I think the biggest sign of unity would be any form of protest in society. Like the Black Lives Matter movement. Or pride walks or any walk for women’s rights/equality. I just think it’s so incredible how people in this movement are together, and that they stand united no matter how violent it gets. Especially with the Black Lives Matter movement, I’ve seen how white people use themselves as shields against the police force to protect black protestors.”

Monthly Musings: Ideal Situations

Prompt: If you could turn back time to before the MCO, what would you do?

As most of us are aware, classroom learning has been shifted to online learning (e-learning) ever since the MCO was in effect. 

A benefit from this new learning style includes being able to wake up 30 minutes before classes instead of having to wake up at an ungodly hour just to avoid the morning traffic (also, to get a parking space in the basement). However, e-learning just doesn’t really feel the same as F2F learning. Take the jokes our lecturers share for instance, it feels especially less amusing.

– Joey Yap

Monthly Musings: Self-expression

Prompt: What item do you own that you think best reflects you as a person?



Blushing shells from ocean caverns in Musandam. 

Inky black pebbles from a remote village in the mountains of Khasab. 

Sediments of sunsets from an ocean of pink rock in Sharjah.

Curlicues of white stone from the shores off Brighton.

Shards of earth to call my own, 

when home is far, 

I hold them close. 

-Zafra Usman