Birthdate:23 March
3 things they do a lot:Facing my laptop doing various tasks,
listening to music and going to cafes
Hobby that defines you:Music and football
Favourite Album:Ghost Stories – Coldplay
Favourite Film:Joker
Favourite Famous Person:Lionel Messi
One of their goals:To continue advocating for social injustices, and see tangible positive
change as a result
Additional stuff:Mint ice cream is absolutely heavenly



Birthdate:18 July
3 things they do a lot:Drawing, drinking unhealthy
amounts of tea, and thinking of cats
Hobby that defines you:Drawing
Favourite Album:Hawaii: Part II
Favourite Film:Kubo and the Two Strings
Favourite Famous Person:Kubo and the Two Strings
One of their goals:To let people know that its okay to
express themselves
Additional stuff:“mint ice cream is disgusting”


Julia Rosalyn

President & Writer

Birthdate:12 July
3 things they do a lot:Expressing herself through writing, music and arts, debating
about random topics and watching people
Hobby that defines you:Reading classics and previously banned books
Favourite Album:Infection of a Different Kind by Aurora
Favourite Film:Dead Poets Society
Favourite Famous Person:Malala Yousafzai
One of their goals:Becoming a cognitive neuropsychologist



Birthdate:25 November
3 things they do a lot:Eating, overthinking
and binge watching
crime docu series and comedy shows
Hobby that defines you:Dancing or writing stuff
that fuels her creativity
Favourite Album:American Teen by Khalid
Favourite Film:The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favourite Famous Person:Lee Taeyong
One of their goals:Do something that
she loves and is passionate about,
doing everything in life with humility, patience
and the best of her abilities



Birthdate:9 January
Course:BSc (Hons) Psychology
3 things they do a lot:Reading, writing rewatching Ben10
Hobby that defines you:Writing Fiction
Favourite Album:Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan
Favourite Film:Star Wars
Favourite Famous Person:Jennifer Lawrence
One of their goals:Publish a novel

Yun Jing


Birthdate:2 March
3 things they do a lot:Gaming, reading and drawing
Hobby that defines you:Daydreaming about impossible situations Fiction
Favourite Album:Perfect Blue – DJ Okawari
Favourite Film:Castle in the Sky
Favourite Famous Person:Jean-Paul Sartre
One of their goals:To make a real
difference in the
lives of others
(Preferably, a positive one)



Birthdate:26 May
Course:BSc (Hons) Financial Economics
3 things they do a lot:Watch bri ish telly, pretend i’m in KUWTK, defend Cats (2019)
Hobby that defines you:Reading/fashion
Favourite Album:Lover by Taylor Swift
Favourite Film:Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Favourite Famous Person:Phoebe Waller-Bridge
One of their goals:Cosplay as nicki minaj



Birthdate:15 January
Course:Foundation in Arts
3 things they do a lot:Spending too much
money on books,
channeling my main character energy
through music, romanticizing life
Hobby that defines you:Reading, swimming,
Favourite Album:Social Cues by Cage The Elephant
Favourite Film:Black Swan
Favourite Famous Person:Julien Solomita
One of their goals:Work in a cozy bookstore
and spend my time doing nothing but read and write



Birthdate:14 August
Course:Cambridge Advanced Level
3 things they do a lot:Video games, sing and talk to friends
Hobby that defines you:Playing guitar 🙂
Favourite Album:After Laughter – Paramore
Favourite Film:Spirited Away
Favourite Famous Person:Takeuchi Miyu
One of their goals:Release a music album

Jia Xuan


Birthdate:19 March
Course:BA (Hons) in Advertising and Branding
3 things they do a lot:Writing, Daydreaming, Wondering where the
time spent
daydreaming went
Hobby that defines you:Reading
Favourite Album:Yann Tiersen’s Rue des Cascades
Favourite Film:Comet in Moominland
Favourite Famous Person:Diana Wynne Jones
One of their goals:Figuring out what my goals are

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