Julia R


Birthdate: 12th July
Course: Psychology
3 things they do a lot: expressing herself through writing, music and arts, debating about random topics and watching people
Hobby that defines them: reading classics and previously banned books
Favourite Album: Infection of a Different Kind by Aurora
Favourite Film: Dead Poets Society
Favourite Famous Person: Malala Yousafzai
One of their goals: becoming a cognitive neuropsychologist

Natasha Effendy

Birthdate: 18th November
Course: Bachelor in Communications
3 things they do a lot: writing, listening to music, watching Netflix or dog videos
Hobby that defines them: reading
Favourite Album: Introspection by UMI
Favourite Film: My Neighbour, Totoro
Favourite Famous Person: Newton Nguyen (milktpapi)
One of their goals: a writer/journalist

Natasha Maya

Organizing Officer

Birthdate: 13th April
Course: DCOMM
3 things they do a lot: reading fiction, watching documentaries, crying
Hobby that defines them: writing
Favourite Album: Malibu Nights by Lany
Favourite Film: Parasite
Favourite Famous Person: Zayn Malik
One of their goals: to publish a book



Birthdate: 29th July
Course: International Business
3 things they do a lot: daydreaming, dancing in the shower, watching crime/law shows
Hobby that defines them: dancing in the rain
Favourite Album: Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan
Favourite Film: Coraline
Favourite Famous Person: Shay Mitchell
One of their goals: being able to financially contribute to fighting against climate change


Birthdate: 25th November
Course: Psychology
3 things they do a lot: eating, overthinking and binge watching crime docu series and comedy shows
Hobby that defines them: dancing or writing stuff that fuels her creativity
Favourite Album: American Teen by Khalid
Favourite Film: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favourite Famous Person: Lee Taeyong
One of their goals: do something that she loves and is passionate about, doing everything in life with humility, patience and the best of her abilities


Birthdate: 13th December
Course: A Levels
3 things they do a lot: Sing, Daydream, Watch Movies
Hobby that defines them: Photography
Favourite album: Nectar by Joji
Favourite film: Little Women
Favourite famous person: Tori Kelly
One of their goals: Film Director or Screenwriter


Birthdate: September 19th
Course: CIMP
3 things they do a lot: Write, Music, Watching Films
Hobby that defines them: Creating through writing or music
Favourite Album: Ten – Pearl Jam
Favourite Film: The Dark Knight
Favourite Famous Person: David Bowie
One of their Goals: Journalism, Media


Birthdate: 16th October
Course: CIMP
3 things they do a lot: Reading, Writing, Daydreaming
Hobby that defines them: Reading mystery books and trying to solve the mystery before the detective
Favourite Album: Folklore by Taylor Swift
Favourite Film: Enola Holmes
Favourite Famous Person: Emma Watson
One of their Goals: Writing a piece that would greatly inspire people and elicit strong emotions from them


Birthdate: 18th July
Course: A-Levels
3 things they do a lot: Draw, drink unhealthy amounts of tea, and thinking of cats
Hobby that defines them: Drawing
Favourite Album: Hawaii: Part II
Favourite Film: Kubo and the Two Strings
Favourite Famous Person: Laura Bailey
One of their Goals: To let people know that its okay to express themselves
Additional Stuff: “mint ice cream is disgusting”

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