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Creative Writing

70% of what we do is publish articles. So if you have opinions or stories, the ability to meet your own deadlines, a certain flair of writing style and most importantly: creativity and passion, then give this team a go! . We deliver high quality creative content such as poems, stories, and articles that cover interesting topics. The segments that we currently have are Sunway Says, Yay or Nay, Echo-Pella, Real Talk and many more!

Media & Journalism

Do you like free stuff? Of course. Now, do you like parties? Talks? Workshops? Game nights? Then this is the team for you. Especially those of you with aspirations of becoming journalists, this is a great place to build that experience. We provide coverage on groundbreaking stories, breaking news and trends through different channels that we have. The segments that we currently have are Echo Eats, Yay or Nay, Event Portal, Echo Buzz and Beer & Skittles.

Video Production

Tiktokkers, Vloggers, Animators, ex-Viners, you are all welcome to this team! Learn how to edit from our senior members, film skits of your own design and go all out on personal and team projects where you can gain experience. If you are someone who understands that creating content is an art form that needs the application of technical skills, then the VP department is for you.

PR and Design

Without these brave soldiers, all other activities would be for nought. This team handles the social media, event planning, comes up with beautiful designs to promote articles, deliberates over the best hashtags and approaches other clubs for free advertising. One of the many goals we have is to captivate our audience on all of our social media platforms through innovative approaches! 


These people are the backbones of our student leadership body. They eat, breathe, and dream Echo. They are in charge of recruitment, set visions, goals for the departments, lead the teams, jump into streams of latest trend and much much more. Obligations include hosting monthly meetings, making coffee offerings to the advisor, and generating entrepreneurial ideas to bring Echo to a new height!

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