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The Four Lecturers You Will Meet in University

The Chill One – The first indicator is that they are not afraid to make NSFW jokes in class; they may even go as far as to swear a few times here and there. You will know for sure that you’ve found one if they don’t mind you addressing them by their first name, sans titles (though, try to tamp down your Asian reflex to scream at that suggestion, as you may startle them). Once you’ve ascertained you’ve met a member of this species, you may safely proceed to study for finals with lecture slides, only referring to the textbook to explain a diagram every once in a while. This species is one that has good faith in students to be academically honest, so go ahead and reference that paper, the one which you only read the abstract of – they won’t notice.

How to Make Your Editor Happy

Hello dear readers. If you’re familiar with our WordPress it’s quite likely that you’ve come across my name several times. That is because I play the role of chief editor to write-ups as well as a secondary editor to creative articles. My point being, I hold a lot of credits. Writing has always been my passion and editing other people’s writing seemed like a natural progression to make once I joined Echo. However, over the six months I’ve noticed a lot of habits from my writers that grind my gears and a lot more that make my day. So without further ado, how to hand in work that will make your editor (or lecturer or boss) happy.

Rainbow Colours; monochrome skins

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Poems by Rachel G. and Koh Ze-Wen


Rainbow Colours
Rachel G.

Red is –
the flush of your cheeks
the autumn leaf in your hair
the smudge of lipstick on your lips

Orange is –
the colour of the sunset against your skin
the fruit you love so
the fence of your father’s house

Yellow is –
the shade of your favourite sweater
the sunray warming your skin
the canary you watch take flight into the skies

Green is –
the colour your eyes used to be
before white it turned

Blue is –
the sky of
the day we last spent together
the colour of your hands
when all is said and done
and you’ve gone cold

Indigo is –
the bruise on your cheek
the smeared mascara
on your tear-stained face

Violet is –
the mark on your neck
tattooed fingerprints


monochrome skins
Koh Ze-Wen

there is no teenage emotion
that is quite the shade, or
temperament, of

anger, and its cuts – trendy;
grief and its roots, in your lungs –
easy to romanticise, that kind of
but shame
is ugly, sits
in your skin, acid
in your stomach, sizzling.

for a teenager, no label
is worse than
no scald quite like
caring when nobody else does.

we wear apathy like armour.
monochrome skins, shifting
to conceal
what is embarrassing.
(our hearts)

Ethics in the Sports Industry

Ethics is defined as the set of moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the running of an activity. Unsportsmanlike conduct, similarly, is a term defined as an offence in sports that violates the sport’s generally accepted rules of sportsmanship and participant conduct. Throughout history, there have been instances when the behaviours of certain sportsmen and athletes have been questioned.

60 Seconds

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Written by: Natasha Effendy


the night is young,
but it ages too quick
under my fingers.

i feel his breath
blossom within the radius
of my flushed skin
as his facial features near mine…
my body and nerves stiffen,
ready for what’s to come next.

he steps in;
he dares to move in
with the crevices of his
rosebud lips that remind me of
in the middle of this winter;
they touch mine,
and my emotions implode.
that’s all what i could think about
because that sweet, slow taste
hangs reminiscent
upon my own tongue
and feelings
which inevitably begs for more.

one minute.
that’s all it took
for my world to wake up
from a darkness
that settled in my chest –

my night brightens.
i feel the fireflies and
Christmas lights
switch on;
resurrecting the old flame
i used to smother
until now.

Clubs, Societies and Sports Awards Ceremony 2018

The Clubs, Societies and Sports Awards Ceremony was held on the 21st of November to celebrate and reward the achievements of Sunway’s many clubs.  As Malaysia’s #MostHappeningCampus, Sunway places a huge emphasis on providing students with a variety of clubs to cater to a spectrum of interests. Miss Amanda Chong from Student Life believes that clubs are an excellent platform for the development of useful social skills and talents, complementing academic knowledge learnt in the classroom. Students can also stand to widen their social circle through participating in clubs as they will meet people who share the same passions as them.