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Written by: Natasha Effendy


the night is young,
but it ages too quick
under my fingers.

i feel his breath
blossom within the radius
of my flushed skin
as his facial features near mine…
my body and nerves stiffen,
ready for what’s to come next.

he steps in;
he dares to move in
with the crevices of his
rosebud lips that remind me of
in the middle of this winter;
they touch mine,
and my emotions implode.
that’s all what i could think about
because that sweet, slow taste
hangs reminiscent
upon my own tongue
and feelings
which inevitably begs for more.

one minute.
that’s all it took
for my world to wake up
from a darkness
that settled in my chest –

my night brightens.
i feel the fireflies and
Christmas lights
switch on;
resurrecting the old flame
i used to smother
until now.

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