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Social Hive 2020

On Friday, 13 March 2020, Social Hive’20 organized by Sunway College Council (SCC) was held in the Art Gallery from 5pm till 8.30pm. Social Hive is an annual social event that allows students (especially new intake students) to mingle and socialize while also providing the students a great chance to showcase their amazing talents. The theme of this year’s Social Hive was “2000’s and pastels”. Despite the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it was great to see that the outbreak did not dull the Sunway spirits. Speaking on the topic of the Coronavirus disease, one thing worth mentioning was the conscious effort from Sunway College Council (SCC) members regarding the safety of the participating students. Throughout the event, they were constantly reminding the students to keep themselves hygienic at all times. (Go wash your hands if you are reading this!).

Racism: In Light of COVID-19

In less than 3 months, the threat of COVID-19 has led to national lockdowns all over the globe. Being of an extremely viral pneumonic nature coupled with a long asymptomatic incubation period, its exponential spread has had scientists scrambling for a cure. Declared a pandemic by WHO in early March, COVID-19 has become the main topic for economic and political forces to tackle. 

Misconceptions About Fast Food

From a young age, society has been exposed to the concept of fast food and the culture surrounding it. Often, the two main features of fast food that we hone in on is 1) convenience and, 2) cheapness. After all, who wants to cook after a long day of working? Or who wants to bring the family with energetic children into a restaurant and wait half an hour for food to arrive? Between a full meal of fries, burger and drink; or a single plate of one food at the same price – we’re bound to choose the option that offers variety in the meal. 

Today, however, despite the reputation living on, fast food is far from cheap, and sometimes, not very ‘fast’ either. So in this edition of Echo Eats I present to you: “fast food, and alternatives that are faster”. 

Sunway Esports Bondfire Meeting

On the 6th of march, the Sunway Esports Club held their monthly “Bondfire”, a meeting for all gamers of all genres, skill levels, and backgrounds to come together to share their passion for esports. 
Esports events are relatively new with the first-ever event happening only in 1972. With the rapid development of technology and the growth of the internet, the events saw a massive surge in popularity in recent years turning them into a billion-dollar industry with a viewership rivaling that of traditional sports. Esports are no doubt making their mark in our culture and Sunway is no exception. []

Sunway Boardgames Society: What do they do?

With such a wide selection of clubs and societies in Sunway College/University, it can be hard to navigate and decide which club you truly belong in. To make your life easier, Sunway Echo Media’s event write-up team has decided to go to random club meetings to see what they do on a weekly basis and present you with all the information you need to help you make your decision. 

YouTube Channels That Are Fighting Misconceptions

“Hey guys, welcome to my channel! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!”

Isn’t that something we hear way too often these days? In a world where Youtube has climbed its way up to being one of the most frequently used social media sites, many have turned to the platform as a means of creating content according to one’s interests with the hope of gaining attention, expressing themselves, or as a means of income through the many (intensely detested) ads that pop up before videos. As Youtube becomes saturated with the ever-growing population of vlog, song cover, lifestyle, makeup, and beauty Youtubers, it gets a little dry with most of the popular content following a certain repetitive theme. But there’s so much more to Youtube! 

The Last Straw Marketplace

As we have hit the year 2020, single-use plastics are constantly being dumped into the ocean or not properly allocated. This has become a concerning issue not only for the older generation but for the future generation as well. After many heartbreaking incidents of plastic straws getting stuck onto a turtle’s nostrils, it has brought awareness throughout the globe that plastic straws are harmful to sea creatures. Thus, environmentalists have joined forces to deal with this concerning issue.

From the 2nd of March till the 6th of March 2020, Sunway Branding Department, with the help of Sunway Environmental Society, worked together in organizing #TheLastStraw marketplace which hosted various interesting booths right here in the Boulevard.    

5 Common Misconceptions: Debunked

While most of us were growing up, some people would have told us things that were (questionably) beyond belief, probably earning them an “are you sure about that?” raised eyebrow. It could be the simplest of things such as the different taste zones of our tongue, the “fact” that egg yolks are fattening, that bats are really blind, and that the Great Wall of China is visible from space.