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Four Unique Ways to Celebrate Merdeka ‘18

We all know and love the tried-and-true methods of celebrating Merdeka day: hanging up our national flag on our gates, watching the parades, and setting off deafening fireworks that trigger the neighbourhood dogs into barking frenzies all night. But with all the exciting changes that have taken place in our country this year, this Merdeka’s festivities deserve a bit more zesting up! So here are four new ways for you to celebrate Merdeka this year.

Mr. Awk Ward

By Trisha Leong

We’ve all had that “Oh my god what do I do now” moment. Enduring long and cringy silences, explaining a joke to a bunch of people who didn’t get it (and worse, having them still not understand), high-fives left unnoticed, your crush standing beside you as you grapple for something – no, anything! – to say, only to later regret what just came tumbling out of your cheeseburger-filled mouth…

Awkwardness is real. So what can we do about it?

One Night

Written by Ng Li Wei – “I know you.” It’s night-time. A moon has risen over the dimly lit streets and several pedestrians are hurrying home, glancing fearfully up at the thundering sky.

A bell rings – a customer entering a convenience store. A boy looks left and right and behind him before he crosses the road – not to look out for cars, but to make sure no one’s following him. Soft music gently bubbles through the air from a cafe and the sound of clinking glasses along with loud, unruly cheers erupt from a nearby bar. The owner of a bookstore is sitting by the counter……

Reluctant Protagonist Meets Badly-Written Horror Story

Written by Koh Ze-Wen

Arin woke to pouring rain. It sounded like someone was trying to drown the world in rain, which she respected, as a college student who had an 8am class. Still, if she didn’t get that sweet sweet 80 percent attendance, she wouldn’t even have the opportunity to flunk out of Physics.

Lost in thought, she dumped her bag on her seat and was suddenly and rudely acquainted with someone’s butt on her desk.

“Excuse me,” she said to the butt in question.

“Hey,” the owner of the butt said. He looked vaguely hungover, and he was dressed in a varsity jacket and skinny jeans. Which was interesting, because their college didn’t have sports teams with varsity jackets, which meant he had possibly acquired……

Sunway Debate Open 2018

Written by Chee Gee Ren

The Sunway Debate Open 2018 (SUNDO), a two-day event held on the 21st and 22nd of July, was an Open debate tournament in the British Parliamentary style organised by the Sunway Debate Club (SUNDEC). The tournament was the second one in Sunway University this year and marked the beginning of the British Parliamentary debating season in Sunway.


Written by Fajar binti Benjamin
TOM CRUISE. Tom Cruise is an honest-to-God psychopath, there’s no denying it. But goddamn if he doesn’t frickin’ go for it. Unfortunately, the first and only other Mission Impossible movie I’ve been subjected to is the second one, and it was so god-awful bad that the idea of seeing another one was incomprehensible to me. A job is a job though, so I went into this movie with all my cringe shields up, prepared to tear it a new one…