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How To Keep The Bees Buzzing

You’ve laughed at all the Bee Movie memes. You’ve most probably tasted honey before. You’ve also heard about the news that the bee population is declining rapidly and you’ve acknowledged the “Save The Bees” campaign, but have you ever thought about what you ⎼ as Earth’s humble resident ⎼ can do to keep the bees alive?

Riang Raya Sunway 2019: Raya Without Borders

To celebrate the festive season of Raya, Sunway University Islamic Society, Rukun Negara and Sahabat Society organized a festival on the 3rd of June where everyone had a great time and enjoyed the beauty of Malaysian culture at its prime. The event started at 9am and ended at 4pm at the uni foyer which was decorated in rich green to bring about the raya atmosphere. By 9am, droves of students dressed in Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung had arrived to celebrate raya without borders.

Teddy Talk: Define Yourself

On Thursday the 27th of June, TedX Sunway University Salon organized a Teddy Talk (A.K.A a mini-workshop) themed “Define Yourself”. The workshop was a shining opportunity for students to hear inspiring speeches, loosen up their own impromptu speaking skills and make a couple of new but intimate friends.