“Be the Voice that Echoes.”

Echo Media is a creative Student Leadership Body (SLB) and Sunway University’s official student newsletter. Our team covers the spectrum with creative articles and journalism on our official website, PR and design-related activities on social media, and video production on our YouTube channel. Most of all, Echo Media provides a platform for students to be the voice that echoes!

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Sunway Echo Media was established in 2007 and is Sunway University’s only creative Student Leadership Body. We started our journey by publishing printed newsletters on campus and as creative work in writing and arts began to flourish online, we shifted to an online platform that includes our official website, social media, and music channel to enhance the connection between Sunway Echo Media, Sunway’s community, and our global audience.

Fast forward to the present, we are known to be a safe space for Sunway students to create informative, artistic, and reflective content through written works, designs, photography, and videography. We deliver creative articles and journalism on our online newsletter, PR-related activities through social media platforms and video production on our YouTube channel. Over the years, our content has successfully reached more than twenty million local and international viewers.

Nevertheless, we are constantly striving to grow and improve the quality, diversity, and reliability of our creative content while providing the best user experience for all audiences. Above all, we aim to be the voice that echoes!

Logo Revamp

The Evolution of Echo Media’s logo from 2013 to Present.

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