Miss Amanda Chong

Club Advisor

Birthdate:25 August
3 things they do a lot:Talking to her cats, giving dark TED talks,
scolding students
Hobby that defines you:Cooking
Favourite Album:Too many… fav song would be Freak on a Leash by Korn
Favourite Film:Too many…
Favourite Celebrity:Too many…
One of their goals:Earn more $$$
Addition Stuff:You don’t wanna know :’)
Email Contact:amandac@sunway.edu.my

Yun Jing


Birthdate:2 March
3 things they do a lot:Gaming, reading and drawing
Hobby that defines you:Daydreaming about impossible situations Fiction
Favourite Album:Perfect Blue – DJ Okawari
Favourite Film:Castle in the Sky
Favourite Famous Person:Jean-Paul Sartre
One of their goals:To make a real
difference in the
lives of others
(Preferably, a positive one)

Karran Kumar

Vice President

Birthdate:1 September
Course:BSc (Hons) Psychology
3 Things They Do A Lot:Read, Game, and Rewatch Ben 10.
Hobbies:Writing Fiction
Favourite Album:Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan
Favourite Film:Star Wars
Favourite Famous Person:Selena Gomez
One of their goals:Publish A Novel

Sarah De Witt

Organisational Officer

Birthdate:10 August
Course:BSc (Hons) in Information Technology
3 things they do a lot:Listening to music, drinking tea, rewatching Pride and Prejudice
Hobby that defines you:Designing and crying over code
Favourite Album:Unamericana by The Other Favorites
Favourite Film:Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Favourite Famous Person:Hozier
One of their goals:To be able to wake up early without feeling like an actual zombie


Assistant Organisational Officer

Birthdate:29 May
Course:BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance
3 things they do a lot:Listen to music, watch TV shows, and buy things they don’t need.
Hobby that defines you:Reading
Favourite Album:Melodrama by Lorde
Favourite Film:(500) Days of Summer
Favourite Famous Person:Taylor Swift
One of their goals:To be the best version of myself.

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