Executive Committee

Shay Azman


Birthdate:29th July
3 things they do a lot:day dream(zone out),
dance in the shower,
watch crime/law shows
Hobby that defines you:Dancing in the rain
Favourite Album:Troye Sivan- Blue Neighbourhood
Favourite Film:Coraline
Favourite Famous Person:Shay Mitchell
One of their goals:I wanna be able to financially
contribute to fighting
against climate change

Julia Sam

Vice President

Birthdate:25th May
3 things they do a lot:Watch movies,
Listen to Music,
Hobby that defines you:Talking
Favourite Album:Currents – Tame Impala
Favourite Film:Blazing Saddles
Favourite Famous Person:Cillian Murphy
One of their goals:Film Director

Philix Peng

Organizational Officer

Birthdate:14th August
3 things they do a lot:Game, Read and
playing the ukelele
Hobby that defines you:Singing
Favourite Album:Divide by Ed Sheeran
Favourite Film:Spirited Away
Favourite Famous Person:Gwendoline Christie
One of their goals:To open a small,
cosy cafe when I retire

Natasha Maya

Assistant Organizational Officer

Birthdate:13th April
3 things they do a lot:Read fiction,
Watch documentaries, Cry
Hobby that defines you:Writing
Favourite Album:Malibu Nights – Lany
Favourite Film:Parasite
Favourite Famous Person:Zayn Malik <3
One of their goals:To publish a book

2020 – 2021 Department Heads

Creative Writing

Julia Rosalyn

Director of Creative Writing Department

Birthdate:7th December
3 things they do a lot:Express myself through different mediums
like writing, music and art.
Debate about random topics.
People-watch just to observe people’s differences
in mannerisms and comportments.
Hobby that defines you:Reading,
especially classic literature and
previously banned books.
Favourite Album:Infections of A Different Kind by Aurora
Favourite Film:Dead Poets Society
Favourite Famous Person:Malala Yousafzai
One of their goals:To become a cognitive neuropsychologist.

Event Reporting

Pei Zoe

Director of Event Reporting

Birthdate:24th July
3 things they do a lot:Reading the Bible,
Sleeping, Watching YouTube
Hobby that defines you:Reading the Bible
Favourite Album:5SOS – Youngblood
Favourite Film:The Lord of the Rings:
The Fellowship of the Ring
Favourite Famous Person:Lee Jong Suk
One of their goals:To live a God-glorifying life


Assistant Director of Event Reporting

Birthdate:18th June
3 things they do a lot:Reading, listen to music,
Hobby that defines you:painting
Favourite Album:Eyes Wide Open by Sabrina Carpenter
Favourite Film:Disney Hercules
Favourite Famous Person:Avril Lavigne
One of their goals:Being more confident in talking to people 🙂

PR & Design

Vee Krishnan

Director of PR & Design

Birthdate:13th August
3 things they do a lot:Studying the atlas,
as if I’m going somewhere😌.
Winning arguments in my head.
Watching a criminal amount of
stereotypical love movies on Netflix
and oh i tend to drink coffee a lot.
Certified coffeeholic yuh.
Hobby that defines you:I read A LOT
Favourite Album:Tribute to ABBA
Favourite Film:4 star restaurant is
brought back up to 5 star by a critic
who liked their rat food.
Favourite Famous Person:Jameela Jamil.
I love that she uses her celebrity status
to promote body positivity and image.
It’s the kind of celebrity we need more of –
one who cares more about
being a good person than a good money maker.
And, not to mention, she’s absolutely hilarious.
I love the woman completely!
One of their goals:To have a positive impact on the world,
no matter how small.



Assistant Director of PR & Design

Birthdate:17th May
3 things they do a lot:Twitter, reading, listening to music
Hobby that defines you:Watching movies and dramas
Favourite Album:Rare – Selena Gomez
Favourite Film:Harry Potter
Favourite Famous Person:Selena Gomez
One of their goals:To get her Honours degree

Video Production


Garv Nair

Director of Video Production

Birthdate:21st November
3 things they do a lot:Read manga,
play video games, spaghetti code
Hobby that defines you:I make terrible,
no good, very bad memes
Favourite Album:The College Dropout – Kanye West
(but honestly anything by Kanye is a gift)
Favourite Film:Django Unchained
Favourite Famous Person:Dave Chappelle
One of their goals:I want a large house (not too large)
with wooden flooring, no dust in sight,
the house will be minimalistic in theme and
I will have 3 cats.
I know that one of these cats will be named
beans but idk about the other 2.


Zar Yu

Assistant Director of Video Production

Birthdate:22nd December
3 things they do a lot:Watch movies, sleeping,
and singing
Hobby that defines you:Singing and any type of sports
Favourite Album:Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa
Favourite Film:Avengers Endgame
Favourite Famous Person:I have way too many but okay,
Zac Efron
One of their goals:I want to be able to work and travel,
but a near future goal would be
working in a Communication field.