Birthdate: 21st November
Course: Bachelor in Computer Science
3 things they do a lot: Manga, video games, spaghetti code
Hobby that defines them: making “terrible, no good, very bad memes”
Favourite Album: The College Dropout – Kanye West
Favourite Film: Django Unchained
Favourite Famous Person: Dave Chapelle
One of their Goals: A large but not too large wooden flooring house, no dust, minimalist, 3 cats, one of them named “Beans”



Birthdate: 22nd December
Course: DCOMM
3 things they do a lot: Watching movies, sleeping, singing
Hobby that defines them: Singing, sports
Favourite Album: Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa
Favourite Film: Avengers: Endgame
Favourite Famous Person: Many but Zac Efron
One of their Goals: To be able to work and travel


Organizing Officer

Birthdate: 14th August
Course: Bachelor in Business Management
3 things they do a lot: Gaming, reading, playing the Ukelele
Hobby that defines them: Singing
Favourite Album: Divide – Ed Sheeran
Favourite Film: Spirited Away
Favourite Famous Person: Gwendoline Christie
One of their Goals: To open a small, cosy café when he retires
Additional Stuff: “I am what they call a gentle giant.”

Julia S.

Vice President

Birthdate: 25th May
Course: DCOMM
3 things they do a lot: watching movies, listening to music, dancing
Hobby that defines them: crying cause no French language books
Favourite Album: Current – Tame Impala
Favourite Film: Blazing Saddles
Favourite Famous Person: Ian McKellen, Cillian Murphy
One of their Goals: To achieve her impossible dreams
Additional Stuff: friendlier than she looks


Birthdate: 7th October
Course: ACCA
3 things they do a lot: Netflix, listening to music, online shopping
Hobby that defines them: Playing with makeup
Favourite Album: When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go – Billie Eilish
Favourite Film: Little Women
Favourite Famous Person: Zayn Malik
One of their Goals: to become a chartered accountant


Birthdate: 16th December
Course: Bachelor in Communication
3 things they do a lot: Snacking, watching videos, snacking
Hobby that defines them: Shopping
Favourite Album: N/A
Favourite Film: Me Before You
Favourite Famous Person: Uncle Roger, Jenn Chia
One of their Goals: to be happy ‘cause “she has no dreams”
Additional Stuff: “Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have a gun, Get in the Van”


Birthdate: 2nd April
Course: Bachelor in Actuarial Studies
3 things they do a lot: Practice dancing K-Pop, hangout with friends, watching favourite YouTubers
Hobby that defines them: Roleplaying
Favourite Album: Stray Kids Cle1: Miroh
Favourite Film: Radio Rebel
Favourite Famous Person: Changbin from Stray Kids
One of their Goals: To always be healthy

Tris (Qistina)

Birthdate: 29th March
Course: CAT-ACCA
3 things they do a lot: Listening to music, fangirling, chilling at cafes
Hobby that defines them: Café hopping
Favourite Album: NEOZONE – NCT 127
Favourite Film: Night’s Tightrope
Favourite Famous Person: NCT Johnny
One of their Goals: To have her achievements give a positive impact on her and her surroundings and being able to help out the poor as someone who has the power to change the world.


Birthdate: 26th December
Course: FIA
3 things they do a lot: Make videos, travel, have fun
Hobby that defines them: Filmmaker
Favourite Album: Purpose – Justin Bieber
Favourite Film: The Wolf of Wall Street
Favourite Famous Person: Hailee Steinfield
One of their Goals: Chill in his 40s


Birthdate: 31st July
Course: MUFY
3 things they do a lot: Sleep, Netflix, trip a lot
Hobby that defines them: Nothing
Favourite Album: Love Yourself: Tear – BTS
Favourite Film: The Outsiders, The Greatest Showman
Favourite Famous Person: ITZY, BTS
One of their Goals: Work with Netflix, Disney or Studio Dragon


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