Former President

Birthdate:23rd December
3 things they do a lot:Books, Netflix, and daydream
Hobby that defines you:Reading books
Favourite Album:Map of the Soul:7
Favourite Film:Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham
Favourite Famous Person:Lee Haechan
One of their goals:to marry her boyfriend
and go to Turkey
and do their masters together
ig @ fudge_jar

Wei Shan

Former Vice President

“She dances, she travels, she follows up on all the forgotten plans that someone generates and then abandons.” – Fajar


Former Organizational Officer & Treasurer

“Perhaps the most functional member of any club ever, Jean is in charge of both secretarial and treasury functions in her role as Organisational Officer. She also cooks in her residence and edits all our videos. Those things aren’t related apart from the fact that they’re pretty cool.” – Fajar


Former CW HOD

“Jacklyn holds the heart of Echo. She determines who writes what and when, and then edits most of what appears in our feed. She is also the proud writer to one of our most viewed articles ever.. See if you can find which one.” – Fajar


Former PR & Design AHOD

“Caption master and Twitter Tweeter.” – Fajar


Senior Member of Vlog

At one point, Production (previously Vlog) did not have directors, but Jared (middle) is a senior member and key player in the team.

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