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Echo Eats: Battle of the Shaved Ices

This month on Echo Eats, we decided to do something a little different and a little pricier – we tried out three different takes on the shaved ice dessert! Korean and Japanese versions of shaved ice are growing ever the more popular among students due to the trendy vibe of the restaurants and the staggering size of the deserts, so we thought we’d go see what all the fuss is about and how it compares to our own Malaysian ABC.

GET HIRED Career Fair

On the 12th and 13th of September 2018, Sunway Career Peer Advisors organised ‘GET HIRED Career Fair’ which took place from 10am to 4pm at Jeffrey Cheah Hall, Sunway College. The objective of this event was to assist the students and graduates, especially those who were looking for internships or jobs, in exploring their career paths and searching for job opportunities.

Clubs and Societies Week

Clubs and Societies (CnS) Week was back one last time this year from the 4th to the 6th of September for clubs to recruit new members, especially those from recent intakes. As CnS Week began, new and existing students who expressed interest in participating in clubs had a chance to browse the array of clubs and get to know their options.

The Introvert Experience

In a world where extroverts fill the spotlight, introverts often tend to be misunderstood – that quiet recluse who sits by themself all the time. Either they’re terribly shy, or an arrogant snob, or a serial killer. This is precisely why we introverts get a bad rep: It has become an ideal social standard for one to be outgoing and talkative, and if one doesn’t fit the bill, they’re expected to have serious issues to work on.

101 Messages of Hope and Social Change: Sunway University Choir’s 6th Annual Recital

On the 7th of September 2018, Sunway University Choir showcased their 6th annual recital. This year’s theme was ‘Messages’, which featured songs that discuss pressing social issues around the globe. ‘Messages’ was enjoyable as it was educational; the audience not only had the chance to learn about world issues, culture and history, but were also exposed to songs ranging from popular to obscure, from modern to traditional.

What You Didn’t Know About Malaysia Day

Malaysia wasn’t always the Malaysia we know and love now. It was much smaller, less culturally diverse, and it was called the Federation of Malaya, consisting only of West Malaysia. That all changed on one historic date – September 16th. Malaysia Day. It is often celebrated in tandem with Hari Merdeka, Independence Day, but both of these days could not be more different.

3 Amazing Places in Malaysia: A Travel Journal

A central tourist hub for Southeast Asia, Malaysia’s unique diversity never ceases to astonish holidaying foreigners. Malaysia is special in that it is a multiracial country, with a colourful collision of different religions, traditions and cultures. As such, Malaysia is also known for its exquisite traditional cuisines, each one with a story to tell; and its variety of tourist attractions, rich with history and local legends. This beautiful country is also famous for its tropical rainforests, breathtaking beaches and idyllic islands which never fail to leave visitors in awe.

The Hues of Unity in Malaysia

How often do we as dedicated citizens wonder about the strength of our 61-year-old nation – one that has progressed rapidly in the past decades and made such a mark on this world? Being in my second year of university, celebrating Independence Day and Malaysia Day after a remarkable 14th General Election let out a sudden burst of patriotism within me. What exactly are the achievements of this country, and what is it that we should be proud of before we reap the crops of seeds sown long before our time?