Written by Bryson Chin and Chee Gee Ren


Clubs and Societies (CnS) Week was back one last time this year from the 4th to the 6th of September for clubs to recruit new members, especially those from recent intakes. As CnS Week began, new and existing students who expressed interest in participating in clubs had a chance to browse the array of clubs and get to know their options. This installment of CnS week surpassed previous ones in it’s scale with more performances and activities that attracted students to be more active in co-curriculars.


On the first day of CnS Week, dozens of booths around the University Foyer and College Boulevard were prepared to welcome enquiring students. The many colourful club booths were decorated with banners and posters containing information about the clubs such as descriptions of club activities and vacant positions. Other attractions include free gifts and walk-in activities with prizes to be won. Some fascinating booths include the Photography Club’s photo showcase of the eclectic shooting styles of their members as well as the Jujitsu Club with a mat for members to display combat skills.

Sunway University Student Council has collaborated with other clubs to present various performances such as singing and a live orchestra to provide entertainment for students. There was a busy vibe around the University Foyer as students gathered round to witness the live shows performed by our homegrown talent.

Orchestra performance
Singing performance
View of University Foyer

Besides the performances, there were various activities conducted by the clubs. A heated game of chess was unfolding at the Sunway Chess Club’s booth. Many students gathered around the chess tables set up to witness the game. The installation of a PS4 with Just Dance by GamesFusion at the College Boulevard provided everyone an opportunity to let loose and show off their dance moves to passers-by. The crowds were entertained watching their friends tear up the dance floor (or failing miserably) to their favourite hit songs.

Students playing at the Sunway Chess Club’s booth

The variety of clubs available at Sunway gives students a platform to thrive in the communities of their interest. The clubs aim to foster good relationships between members and serves as a rendezvous for individuals with common likes. The Psychology Club’s ‘Hogwarts Night’, a club bonding event is an example of the friendly and open nature of clubs here. Through joining a club, students have the chance to meet and socialise with individuals from other courses who share the same hobbies and visions as them.

Clubs also give students opportunities to learn valuable soft skills that cannot be obtained from the classroom experience such as leadership. The Sunway College Student Council is an active club very much focused on developing such skills. Their upcoming events include a food drive in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and an Instagram challenge, ‘Brighten Up’, aimed to help students relieve stress.

View of College Boulevard

Other noteworthy events coming up include ‘I’m Only Human’ organised by Sunway’s Peer Counselling Volunteers (PCV). The event, due to be held on the 19th and 20th of September, is an immersive dive into the experiences of a person suffering from mental health issues and highlights the plight of such individuals. This initiative centres on the club’s mission to help those in need of a good listener to get through personal struggles.

The CnS week was no doubt an eventful one with the efforts from every club to produce an engaging exhibit for students. Many students seized the golden opportunity to become members of the clubs that have excited them, starting their journey of personal growth beyond rudimentary classroom learning.

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