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5 Novels Born During NaNoWriMo

The term “NaNoWriMo” might confuse you if you’re not too deep into the writing scene. For starters, this abbreviation stands for National Novel Writing Month, which takes place annually in the month of November. Participants are required to write a manuscript of 50,000 words from the 1st of November up until the 30th. Since its launch on the 1st of July a decade ago, NaNoWriMo has fostered a thriving community of active writers. NaNoWriMo has also established itself as a non-profit organisation with many esteemed donors such as Wattpad and Scribd (yes, the money you use to buy their adorable merchandise goes to charity!).

The Sunvoice 4

The stars were shining bright on the 14th of October 2019, as the Sunway University Chinese Cultural Society, in conjunction with the Chinese Cultural Societies from other Universities hosted their fourth Sun Voice competition! Everyone stood in applause as a sign of honour to welcome the honourable guests at the event. A welcoming speech was given by Dr. Khor Shunzhi and two others by YB Tuan and Yang Bahagia Puan Sri Datin Seri where they all reminded us that this event was to give people a better understanding of Chinese culture and encouraged the Chinese people in the room to be proud of their heritage. 

The Breakup Exhibition 2.0

Inspired by the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia; Malaysia’s very own Breakup Exhibition returned for its second edition, organised by students from the Department of Psychology in collaboration with Sunway Psychology Club. Breakup Exhibition 2.0 was held at the Level 1 Art Gallery, Sunway University, from Thursday, October 3rd to Saturday, October 5th.

From one student to another – What it takes to be above average

Being a student is a tough feat for many of us and that includes me. Personally, I’ve had about three breakdowns in the last week as deadlines kept flowing in. Sometimes it feels like I’m thrashing in harsh waters, trying not to drown. It’s during these phases when I look at the above average students whom I know and wonder to myself: how do they do it? How do they handle so many different commitments so flawlessly? 

UN Rock the Goals Concert: Shine a Light on Sustainability

Rock The Goals – Malaysia’s Biggest United Nations Concert was held on the 25th of September 2019 in JC Hall, Sunway University. The concert was held to raise awareness towards the achievement of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in conjunction with the celebration of  the 4th anniversary of the 17 SDGs. Due to the haze that clouded Sunway, the venue of the event this year changes from the usual football field to indoor JC hall, but that did not reduce the excitement for our Sunway students. This yearly event has always been one of the biggest events for Sunway so this year was definitely no exception!

A Supernatural Resume: Which One Screams Your Name?

In a pre-scientific era, humans were majorly defined by the imaginative way they filled their gaps of understanding ⎯ the justification of insanity and death were our main targets for mystical closure, as there is no discussion more uncomfortable than the concreteness of warped reality and it’s abrupt non-existence. 

Back then, the madness of artists must be attributed to a beautiful creature with mesmerizing powers and the death of a newborn is accepted and further justified by saying they would grow up to become evil, as determined by a creature who supposedly sees the future and prevents it. 

Below are some critters that the old world believed in. The humanlike traits of each of them might lead us to identify ourselves with them, which I personally find nothing short of exciting; how could one possibly associate themselves with baby-eating, sleep-paralysis-inducing creatures? Well, read on to find out more about the supernatural and of course, to take the quiz that will reveal the monster inside you.

Superstitions VS Reality: What do we believe?

It’s October! The spookiest month of the year (at least, if you’re looking at it from a Westernized perspective). Here in Malaysia, Halloween isn’t that big of a thing, really. Aside from scoring tickets to Sunway Lagoon’s annual Nights of Frights and attending dress-up parties, there’s really not much of a Halloween culture here (i.e. trick or treating). But being so exposed to the Western culture of Halloween through social media, many of us know about Western superstitions like jack o’ lanterns, black cats, Friday the 13th and such. In Malaysia, we have our own unique, traditional superstitions from a background of diverse cultures, passed down from generation to generation. 

Sisa’s Inter-Cultural Night

Students from every nation, tribe and tongue gathered together in the Jeffrey Cheah Main Hall on the 13th of September 2019, to celebrate and bask in the beauty of the cultural diversity among Sunway Students. The Deputy High Commissioner for the Kingdom of Eswatini to Malaysia, the First Secretary from the Embassy of Japan, Mr Tatsuya Tamagawa and the members of staff were all present at this beautiful event. The event was commemorated by a flag walk in which different countries were represented. Of course, all protocol must always be observed therefore Ms Sim, a representative from the International Office gave a welcoming speech. Following that, the performances commenced!