Head of Department

Birthdate:19 December
3 things they do a lot:Books,Netflix and daydream
Hobby that defines you:Reading books
Favourite Album:Map of the Soul:7
Favourite Film:Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham
Favourite Famous Person:Lee Haechan
One of their goals:Open a restaurant with a bunch of my schoolmates



Birthdate:29 May
Course:BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance
3 things they do a lot:Listen to music, watch TV shows, and buy things they don’t need.
Hobby that defines you:Reading
Favourite Album:Melodrama by Lorde
Favourite Film:(500) Days of Summer
Favourite Famous Person:Taylor Swift
One of their goals:To be the best version of myself.

Isabel Chong


Birthdate:23 September
Course:Cambridge A-Level
3 things they do a lot:Reading, Youtube, Netflix
Hobby that defines you:Daydreaming
Favourite Album:Love or Take – Pentagon
Favourite Film:Harry Potter movies
Favourite Famous Person:Aidan Gallagher
One of their goals:Travel around the world

Daniel Rumui


Birthdate:18 August
Course:Bsc Biomedicine
3 things they do a lot:Play, Sleep, Learn about random things
Hobby that defines you:Playing
Favourite Album:N/A
Favourite Film:Jurassic Park
Favourite Famous Person:Ryan Renolds
One of their goals:Be more knowledgeable in many different fields

Matthew RN


Birthdate:1 June
3 things they do a lot:Watch Bad Movies, Drink Ribena, and Partyyy
Hobby that defines you:Playing the Drums
Favourite Album:In a Tidal Wave of Mystery
Favourite Film:Spiderman 2002
Favourite Famous Person:Winston Churchill
One of their goals:Travel the World

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