Birthdate:13 October
Course:BSc (Hons) in Communications
3 things they do a lot: Studying atlases, winning arguments
in her head, Netflix for
romance movies and coffee
Hobby that defines you:Reading
Favourite Album:Tribute to Abba
Favourite Film:Ratatouille
Favourite Famous Person:Jameela Jamil
One of their goals:To have a positive impact on the world, no matter how small
Additional Stuff:“In search of sleep, sanity & The Shire”

Yuen Yao


Birthdate:13 November
Course:BSc (Hons) in Computer Science
3 things they do a lot:Watching dramas, drawing & designing, playing kalimba
Hobby that defines you:Drawing and designing
Favourite Album:Awaken The World – WayV
Favourite Film:Aladdin (2019)
Favourite Famous Person:NCT Lucas
One of their goals:To become a freelance designer in the future



Birthdate:5 January
Course:BSc (Hons) in Communications
3 things they do a lot:Binge reading,
daydreaming, binge-watching documentaries, drama and movies
Hobby that defines you:Reading
Favourite Album:Good Days – SZA
Favourite Film:Pride and Prejudice
Favourite Famous Person:Emma Watson & Henry Cavill
One of their goals:Achieve equality and equity for women all over



Birthdate:17 May
Course:BSc (Hons) in Communications
3 things they do a lot:Twitter, reading, listening to music
Hobby that defines you:Watching movies and dramas
Favourite Album:Rare – Selena Gomez
Favourite Film:Harry Potter
Favourite Famous Person:Selena Gomez
One of their goals:To get her Honours degree


Mei Ting

Vice President & Designer

Birthdate:24 March
Course:Actuarial Studies
3 things they do a lot:Studying, designing, daydreaming
Hobby that defines you:Daydreaming
Favourite Album:Stripped EP – Etham
Favourite Film:The Martian
Favourite Famous Person:N/A
One of their goals:Self-development in terms of personality and skills



Birthdate:3 January
Course:Design Communication
3 things they do a lot:Cook, watch movies, play mobile games
Hobby that defines you: Illustrations
Favourite Album:Mostly R&B, you can ask for her playlist
Favourite Film:The Queen’s Gambit (TV Show)
Favourite Famous Person:lizzydaily
One of their goals:To be financially stable and love her job
Quote:“Imperfection is normal (everyone take note).”



Birthdate:15 October
3 things they do a lot:Games, scrolling through SNS and messing with their computer
Hobby that defines you:Playing on PC
Favourite Album:Astroworld
Favourite Film:3 Idiots
Favourite Famous Person:Travis Scott
One of their goals:Be rich and unproblematic
Behance:Firhan Shahazil

Zafra Usman Anfas


Birthdate:7 May
Course:Bachelors (Hons) in Visual Communications
3 things they do a lot:Read, Art Journal, TALK
Hobby that defines you:Art Journaling
Favourite Album:Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2 – The 3rd Album – TAEMIN
Favourite Film:The Theory of Everything
Favourite Famous Person:ATEEZ – k-pop has taken me too
One of their goals:Open my own bookstore/art center!

Jia Wei


Birthdate:13 September
Course:Diploma in Interior Design
3 things they do a lot:Watching movies, talking to friends, some reading
Hobby that defines you:Travel
Favourite Album:IU
Favourite Film:Soul
Favourite Famous Person:Tori
One of their goals:Travel

Wee Chloe


Birthdate:8 October
Course:BA (Hons) Advertising and Branding
3 things they do a lot:Reading, listening to music, cooking
Hobby that defines you:Crochet
Favourite Album:Hot Pink
Favourite Film:La La Land
Favourite Famous Person:Florence Pugh
One of their goals:I want to design and create my own illustrations 🙂

Hng Hui Xuan


Birthdate:6 June
3 things they do a lot:Scrolling through
social media, attending classes
& reading novels
Hobby that defines you:Playing chess
Favourite Album:
Favourite Film:Goblin
Favourite Famous Person:Lisa
One of their goals:Working at
big 4 XD



Birthdate:18 April
Course:BSc (Hons) in Computer Science
3 things they do a lot:Baking, play console games, watching documentaries
Hobby that defines you:Writing and designing original characters
Favourite Album:Be More Chill
(Original Cast Recording)
Favourite Film:Promare
Favourite Famous Person:N/A
One of their goals:Adopt a cat

Janice Brooklyn


Birthdate:13 December
Course:Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design
3 things they do a lot:Watching series,
journaling, listening
to music
Hobby that defines you:Aesthetic journaling
Favourite Album:These Two Windows
by Alec Benjamin
Favourite Film:Inside Out
Favourite Famous Person:ENHYPEN (if KPOP),
Alec Benjamin and
Jeremy Zucker (Western)
One of their goals:Being a graphic designer
(can be freelance or
working on a big company) and living on my own
Quote:“there is beauty in simplicity.”

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