Head of Department

Birthdate:3 December
Course:Bachelor (Honours) Medical Biotechnology
3 things they do a lot:Draw, Exercise, Play the Guitar.
Hobby that defines you:Drawing.
Favourite Album:Tokyo Rendez-vous by King Gnu
Favourite Film:Into the Spiderverse
Favourite Famous Person:Ella Fitzgerald
One of their goals:To pass all three years with a steady/high GPA.


Assistant Head of Department

Birthdate:13 November
Course:BSc (Hons) Psychology
3 things they do a lot:Eating hotpots impulsively, Spending money unnecessarily, Lying jokingly
Hobby that defines you:Changing my hair colour
Favourite Album:I NEVER DIE by (G)I-DLE
Favourite Film:Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Favourite Famous Person:Whoever is reading this
One of their goals:To EXPIRE before I INSPIRE


Vice President & Designer

Birthdate:12 December
Course:Bachelors in Design Communication
3 Things They Do a Lot:Digital Art, 2D Animation, and Creative Writing.
Defining Hobby:Reading fanfiction
Favourite Album:Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco
Favourite Film:Megamind
Favourite Famous Person:Baekhyun
One of their goals:Digital Artist/2D Animator. I’d love to start my own animated series + webcomic in the future!


Organisational Officer, PR & Designer

Birthdate:20 June
Course:BSc (Hons) Biology with Psychology
3 Things They Do a Lot:Binge Watching TV Shows, Reading, and Playing Animal Crossing.
Defining Hobby:Making Yet Another Spotify Playlist
Favourite Album:Bury Me at Makeout Creek – Mitski
Favourite Film:Kiki’s Delivery Service
Favourite Famous Person:soobin!
One of Their Goals:Staying sane until i graduate. <3

Chien Yi

Assistant Organisational Officer & PR Member

Birthdate:13 August
Course:BSc(Hons) Biomedicine
3 things they do a lot:Sleep, Music-Related Things, Social Media.
Hobby that defines you:Art/Music
Favourite Album:Love Sux by Avril Lavigne
Favourite Film:Tangled
Favourite Famous Person:Avril Lavigne
One of their goals:To be a good person (and keep it that way :D).

Claire Ng


Birthdate:9 December
Course:Cambridge A-Level
3 Things They Do a Lot:Drawing, Eating, Studying
Defining Hobby:Drawing/Painting
Favourite Album:Wave To Earth 0.1 flaws and all.
Favourite Film:Howl’s Moving Castle
Favourite Famous Person:No one really
One of their goals:become rich and happy

Charis Lee


Birthdate:11 February
Course:BSc (Hons) Psychology
3 Things They Do a Lot:Read Books, Watch Movies, and Digital Art.
Defining Hobby:Watching/Talking about Films or Books.
Favourite Album:Fka Twigs – Magdalene OR Arctic Monkeys – TBHC
Favourite Film: Phantom Thread (It Varies)
Favourite Famous Person:Bo Burnham/Bill Hader or maybe Jennifer Coolidge because she’s ICONIC!
One of Their Goals:My mission in life is to foster deep, meaningful friendships or to leave an impact (positive!) on someone.

Krystal Wong

PR Member

Birthdate:4 October
3 things they do a lot:watch anime and K-drama, cry and rewatching Haikyuu!!
Hobby that defines you:Jamming to music
Favourite Album:Love Yourself: Tear
Favourite Film:Whisper of the Heart
Favourite Famous Person:Stephanie Soo
One of their goals:to live a life where I am in a happy place with people I adore

Jia Yi


Birthdate:29 September
Course:Diploma in Information Technology
3 things they do a lot:Draw, sleep, play games
Hobby that defines you:Playing the piano or drawing
Favourite Album:Gabriel by keshi
Favourite Film:Howl’s Moving Castle
Favourite Famous Person:IU
One of their goals:To be happy and content in life


PR Member

Birthdate:20 May
Course:Bsc Hons Computer Science
3 Things They Do a Lot:Rewatch modern family for the 37th time, inhale chicken rice & make content.
Defining Hobby:Believing I can sing (I’m literally Ariana Grande) (also delusional)
Favourite Album:Who wants to live forever- Queen
Favourite Film:Interstellar
Favourite Famous Person: billie eilish
One of Their Goals:Aspire to #Live Love and Laugh in these conditions

Chiang Ru

PR Member

Birthdate:5 May
Course:Actuarial Studies
3 things they do a lot:play with my dog, scroll tiktok, watch yt
Hobby that defines you:Eating
I guess
Favourite Album:Shawn Mendes
Favourite Film:Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa)
Favourite Famous Person:Shawn Mendes
One of Their Goals:to travel around the world and eat good food 🙂

Vivien Lam

PR Member

Birthdate:24 January
Course:Design Communication Degree
3 Things They Do a Lot:Draw, Watch Anime, Listen to Spotify
Defining Hobby:Being delusional and scrolling on TIK TOK
Favourite Album:Fine Line by Harry Styles
Favourite Film:Barbie and the Diamond Castle
Favourite Famous Person:Aki Hayakawa
One of Their Goals:Find my inner ikigai(Japanese philosophy of meaning and purpose in life)



Birthdate:10 November
Course:BA (Hons) in Communication
3 things they do a lot:Reading nonfiction, illustrating, spending time with my cat.
Hobby that defines you:Anything artsy!
Favourite Album:If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power by Halsey
Favourite Film:Gone Girl (2014)
Favourite Famous Person:Jessica Chastain
One of their goals:I’d like to write my own book someday 🙂



Birthdate:16 May
Course:Monash University Foundation Year
3 things they do a lot:Drawing, Coding, Writing
Hobby that defines you:Drawing
Favourite Album:Polyphia-Playing God, Ego Death
Favourite Film:Talk to Me
Favourite Famous Person:Zhou Shen
One of their goals:Computer Scientist in Big Tech company making bucks (highly unlikely)



Birthdate:5 June
Course:BA (Hons) in Advertising and Branding
3 things they do a lot:Watch tonssss of movies, going out, eatttttt
Hobby that defines you:Travelling
Favourite Album:Partynextdoor by partynextdoor
Favourite Film:Knives Out
Favourite Famous Person:Chris Evans
One of their goals:Be rich, and live a good but fun lifeee!!



Birthdate:30 August
Course:Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design
3 things they do a lot:Listen to music, Work, Travel or visit places
Hobby that defines you:Design
Favourite Album:Scarlet by Doja Cat
Favourite Film:Everything Everywhere all at once
Favourite Famous Person:Taylor Swift
One of their goals:Build a family and own a design company



Birthdate:17 February
Course:Foundation in Arts
3 things they do a lot:Play rhythm games, rewatching brooklyn 99 clips, listen to music 24/7
Hobby that defines you:Cosplaying
Favourite Album:“to love in the 21st century” by Lyn Lapid
Favourite Film:Spirited Away
Favourite Famous Person:Woozi from Seventeen
One of their goals:To find balance for everything in life


PR & Designer

Birthdate:January 14
Course:Bach Hons Psychology
3 Things They Do a Lot:Read, Listening to songs and Journal
Defining Hobby:Reading
Favourite Album:sweetener
Favourite Film:Currently (One day)
Favourite Famous Person:Leo woodall
One of Their Goals:Travel the world


PR Member

Birthdate:20 April
Course:Bsc Psychology
3 Things They Do a Lot:watch tiktok n netflix, read, sleep
Defining Hobby:watching shows on netflix
Favourite Album:Mind of mine – zayn malik
Favourite Film:Tangled
Favourite Famous Person:BTS
One of Their Goals:Travel


PR & Designer

Birthdate:16 November
Course:Foundation in Arts
3 Things They Do a Lot:play games, read, cosplay
Defining Hobby:Cosplaying
Favourite Album:Otogi by Eve
Favourite Film:The Wind Rises
Favourite Famous Person:Ke Huy Quan
One of Their Goals:to become a fashion designer

Chin Yi

PR & Designer

Birthdate:10 October
Course:BA (Hons) in Advertising and Branding
3 Things They Do a Lot:Eat, Watch YouTube, Surf Internet
Defining Hobby:Travel
Favourite Album:N/A
Favourite Film:N/A
Favourite Famous Person:N/A
One of Their Goals:Travel round the world

Sarah Toral

PR Member

Birthdate:8 November
Course:Diploma In Interactive New Media
3 Things They Do a Lot:1. Nap all day, 2. Watch sunsets/sunrises, 3. Make loads of music
Defining Hobby:Reading
Favourite Album:Ways To Get Out – Far Caspian
Favourite Film:The Intern (Anne Hathaway, Robert DeNiro)
Favourite Famous Person:Pierce Brosnan
One of Their Goals:To Produce My Own Music

Yu Chen

PR Member

Birthdate:23 October
Course:BSc (Hons) Business Studies
3 Things They Do a Lot:spotify, watch going seventeen, daydream
Defining Hobby:listening to music!
Favourite Album:Seventeen – ‘Face the Sun’
Favourite Film:Kiki’s Delivery Service
Favourite Famous Person:Yoon Jeonghan
One of Their Goals:to organize a concert