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Mindfulness: 4 Simple Exercises To Reduce Stress

As a university student, you find yourself constantly performing a balancing act – from assignments to extracurricular activities to revising for your exams. You wear a smile on your face, but deep down you know that you are tired and stressed out. Little things can trigger a volcano eruption from the inside, effortlessly. You wake up in the morning, study, sleep; and the process repeats itself automatically as if you were programmed to do so forevermore.

We are so often caught up in this hustle and bustle of life. How often do we stop and pay our full attention to the things around us? When was the last time we tuned in to our bodies, our minds, and our emotions?

How April Fools’ Day Began

“You’ve been April fooled!”

Yes, it is that time of year again, where this phrase will be reverberantly repeated on one specific day. The first of April, best known as April Fools’ Day, is a day of trickery and amusement where practical jokes and comical pranks are played on people, whether it be parents, friends, teachers, co-workers, you name it. Yet, have you ever wondered how April Fools’ Day came about? How did it become such a worldwide phenomenon that everyone regardless of age looks forward to each year? Here are a few common theories on the origins of April Fools’.

Ctrl+Alt Gaming 2018

Ctrl+Alt Gaming 2018 (CAG2018) is a two-day gaming convention held on 31 March and 1 April. This event was organised by the Sunway Esports Club (pictured below), Games Fusion, MVP Mobile Arena and The MAGIC RAIN. It was endorsed by e-Sports Malaysia and Varsity e-Sports Association. The event, which was held in Jeffrey Cheah Hall within Sunway University attracted many people as CAG2018 was Malaysia’s first community-based gaming convention.