Poems: The Duality of Mother Nature


The mountains utter a depth I cannot decipher

Let alone the sea!

The muse from the wind carry a weight so light that it falls right at my chest

It’s as if the entire world is mine

Mine to experience

My skin breathing the salty scent of the ocean

As I walked away towards the forest beneath the mountain

The petrichor filled my lungs; my mind was discrete from the rest

It was just me 


 the beautiful creations on Earth

And I am constantly

stunned by its nooks and crannies

I stared at the line that cuts the blue of the ocean and the sky

The intricate shades, they blend so well

How painters must have dreamed of replicating that blend

A paradise my entire being visits

Civilization was too far

I choose to regress

Just my heartbeat and the ocean

Ticking and swaying


By: Mugilaa Selvaraja

Nature Will Take Us All

Part I: Land


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Deep in the woods, 

The old cottage stands.

Long-forgotten, hidden, lost,

Eaten alive by an invasion of moss.

Vines creep into rusted hinges,

Spreading across the glass windows; a spiderweb crack.

The cottage grows into foliage, 

Man-made; nature-claimed.

Part II: Sky 


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Electric bolts crack and whip across the sky,

Releasing the never-ending tears of never-ending grief.

Rise, and drown the lands once fertile.

Break down and wash away foreign debris,

Flatten the lands and take it all down.

A clean slate, flat to the ground.

Return it to the way it once was:

Before we took over.

Part III: Sea


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We took it all.

And she’s going to take it all back.

Watch your high-rise hotels fall,

Taken down in seconds,

As she sends waves of her long-repressed tears, 

Claiming what was hers.

They run, and they cry to God to be spared. 

But she will not spare no more.


We think Nature will fall at our hands. But Nature will take us before we take her.


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By: Jaclyn Heng

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