By Natasha Effendy 


If An Immortal Witnessed Malaysia’s Timeline


I’ve stopped aging in an era

that calls home to my soul 

bid farewell to ephemera

for i would not grow old


I have outlived many days 

and witnessed generations 

constructed by inheritance

of family businesses 

and traditions



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A rubber empire fell

the birth rate did not

it was the 1930s 

a depression had come

and for once

it was not mine


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how it reigned 

over a country

how it stained us

so abruptly


and yet the look-east policy

it exists


so softly, I hoped

quietly, I prayed

the world is not so bad after all 


for a lifetime of happiness 

through gained independence 


a few minutes of darkness 

like a fetus in a womb

then at the stroke of midnight 

the birth of a nation



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so softly, I hoped

quietly, I prayed

the world is not so bad after all 



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I’ve grown sick of 

observing a repetitive cycle 

of human error and trial 

that mark and stain the world 

with issues triggered by 

man-made mistakes 

with an insurmountable 

butterfly effect 

accelerating beyond borders 

that decay with stale politics 

and it just starts to feel like a 

bunch of stories and movies 

with overused cliches 

that don’t get tweaked


I teeter on the edge of

permanent boredom 

forgive my apathy

my faltering decorum


I wish to tie myself to the present 

than to witness a future of wasted potential



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how smooth

a barbaric show of guns and bombs

can transform into

a mesmeric affair of slick handshakes in bars 


how does a nation sing

to the tune 

of billions of dollars



what is there to say except

there is sometimes evil without cause

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softly, I hoped

quietly, I prayed

the world is not so bad after all 


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