Written by: Nivhya and Wu Wen Qi 

Edited by: Supriya Sivabalan


As we have hit the year 2020, single-use plastics are constantly being dumped into the ocean or not properly allocated. This has become a concerning issue not only for the older generation but for the future generation as well. After many heartbreaking incidents of plastic straws getting stuck onto a turtle’s nostrils, it has brought awareness throughout the globe that plastic straws are harmful to sea creatures. Thus, environmentalists have joined forces to deal with this concerning issue.

From the 2nd of March till the 6th of March 2020, Sunway Branding Department, with the help of Sunway Environmental Society, worked together in organizing #TheLastStraw marketplace which hosted various interesting booths right here in the Boulevard.    

First of all, at the centre of attraction right in the middle of the Boulevard, volunteers from the Sunway Environmental Society urged students to dump any kind of plastic waste into a big wooden box that has caught the attention of many. The society also prepared an online petition to ban plastic where anti-plastic enthusiasts could pledge. Just click on the link here to play your part in reducing plastic waste.

Imam, the president of Sunway Environmental Society, aims to bring awareness to the community about plastic waste so that everyone realizes the dire after-effects we have caused towards mother nature. He intends to spread the message around about the campaign, reminding people to be mindful towards our planet.

     The centre of attraction in Boulevard

Originally, a big scale project of a fish-shaped glass was planned to be piled up with plastic waste to show the students the humongous amount of plastic waste on a daily basis. However, the branding department suggested reducing the scale and changed it to a square crane box.   


An amazing idea, known as an ecobrick, is a sustainable way of reducing plastic consumption. Imam recently acquired knowledge on ecobricks and even made his own one after attending a workshop organised by his Sunway Environmental Society. An ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with used plastic to set density to create a reusable building block. Ecobricks can be used to produce modular items, including furniture, garden walls and other structures.

One of the stalls in boulevard promoting for a good cause

The #TheLastStraw Marketplace also features items, ideas and innovations for sustainability in our daily lives! An opportunity to grab a reusable container, up-cycled bag and other local sustainable inventions. Some even come with a 20 percent discount! Lots of enthusiasm filled the booth with students crowding to get their hand on a low-priced item in contribution towards a sustainable environment.


Besides that, there was a pop-up booth called Bathday which encourages the community to use handmade bath & body care products that are free from chemicals and preservatives. All products are freshly handmade with natural and skin-loving ingredients. It is free from SLS, Paraben and fragrance and is against animal testing.

Lastly, #TheLastStraw metal straw giveaway was held to reduce the use of plastic straws on campus. Every student can grab a free metal straw at The Last Straw Marketplace booth as a pledge to say NO to plastic straws in hopes that students could take away the idea of being more cautious about the environment. 

All in all, it was a simple but impactful event that certainly contributed to the aim of raising awareness amongst university students regarding the importance of conscious consumerism. 

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