Written by: Cheng Joan and Joyce Chin

Edited by: Gan Pei Zoe

On Friday, 13 March 2020, Social Hive’20 organized by Sunway College Council (SCC) was held in the Art Gallery from 5pm till 8.30pm. Social Hive is an annual social event that allows students (especially new intake students) to mingle and socialize while also providing the students a great chance to showcase their amazing talents. The theme of this year’s Social Hive was “2000’s and pastels”. Despite the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it was great to see that the outbreak did not dull the Sunway spirits. Speaking on the topic of the Coronavirus disease, one thing worth mentioning was the conscious effort from Sunway College Council (SCC) members regarding the safety of the participating students. Throughout the event, they were constantly reminding the students to keep themselves hygienic at all times. (Go wash your hands if you are reading this!).

Insta-worthy photo wall
Decorations inspired by popular cartoons from the 2000s


SCC members providing free hand sanitizer to participants. Corona who?

At 4.45pm, there were already a lot of students queuing outside the Art Gallery to get in. Before the participants got in, they were assigned to groups according to the highlighted colours on their nametags. At 5pm sharp, the doors of the Art Gallery were opened for the avid students to get in and the DJs were already blasting 2000’s jams to welcome the students. There was also a photo booth at the end of the Art Gallery for students to grab some pictures to remember this good time with their friends. A lot of students were greeting their friends and with that, the room was immediately filled with good vibes and laughter. 

At 5.30pm, the charismatic emcees of the night—Ken and Neil, welcomed everyone and thanked everyone for participating in the event. After that, the emcees had the students go into their group according to the colour on their nametags. The emcees also announced the rule of the night where each group will have a game master and for the group that loses in each game, the entire team will receive a red dot. At the end of the games, the group with the least red dots will take the prize home while the group with the most red dots will have to receive punishment from the crew members. Before the ice breaking games began, the students also introduced themselves to the people in their group and got to know each other better.

Emcees Ken and Neil

The first ice breaking game of the night —“Smosh” was a game where for each round, the game master selected one person from the group circle and the two people who were sitting on each side of the chosen person had to stand up and shout each other’s name as fast as possible. It was funny seeing everyone trying to figure out each other’s name. Then, the emcees announced it was time for the second ice breaking game—“Keep the Balloon Up!”. The game name itself was pretty self-explanatory, each group was given a balloon and everyone in the group had to keep the balloon up in the air WITHOUT USING THEIR HANDS! Everyone was screaming and shouting each other’s names and there was even one group that had accidentally popped the balloon!

Natasha! No wait…. Natalie?  JunJie? JunKit? Who?
Participants trying hard to keep their balloon off the floor

After that, the next game was the absolute CLASSIC childhood game that everyone had played when they were kids, which is the Musical Pepsi Cola. For those who have never heard of this game, it is a game where everyone walks around the room when the music plays and once the music stops, everyone freezes at where they are standing. The attacker who was picked by the game master can step on the shoe of one of the people and the defender can dodge it. It was a funny scene as everyone was screaming and shouting while the attacker came after them like a lion preying on a rabbit. 


For the last game, “Blind Men” (AKA Marco Polo), a person from each team was picked to be blindfolded and he or she had to stand at the centre of the play area to turn 8 times (imagine how dizzy the person must have been). Then, the person who was blindfolded had to try to catch the others who were not blindfolded and whenever the blindfolded person shouted “Marco”, at least one person who was not blindfolded had to shout “Polo”. The game ends when 3 people are caught by the end of two songs and if the blindfolded person manages to do it, everyone else except the blindfolded person will receive a red dot. It was great to see everyone having a good time and enjoying themselves.

I can’t see you, but i feel you

After an intense session of games and sweat, it was finally time for the prize-giving and punishment segment for the winners and losers (queue drumroll). There were 3 levels of punishment for the losers, with the first level for those with 3 dots or more on their arms. They had to do a ‘rain dance’ which was led by two of the SCC members, which they performed in front of the whole crowd. Next up were the ones with 5 dots or more. To spice things up, the five losers had to spell out words given by the emcees and the audience, not using their hands or mouths, but their hips. As shakira once sang, their hips certainly did not lie. The audience immediately bursted out with laughter as the five guys attempted to draw out random words like ‘social’ and ‘corona’ with their hips. Last but not least, the 3 participants with the most dots on their hands had the task of learning the popular TikTok dance- ‘Say So’ by Doja Cat then performing it for the entire audience. Although shy at first, it was safe to say that 3 new potential TikTok stars were born during this Social Hive. Following that, the 3 winning groups for the games session went up to retrieve their prizes respectively, and that was a wrap for the games portion of Social Hive! Everyone then proceeded to grab some finger-foods and beverages prepared by the organisers. 

Losers spelling with their bottoms
Finger foods!

With everyones’ tummies filled and the sun setting, it set the perfect mood to sit back and relax, as the exciting performances were about to start. The performers consisted of sunway students who auditioned prior to the event. Since the theme for this Social Hive was the 2000s, the performances were also inspired by the songs, dances and pop-culture of the 00s. First up was a band called ‘Kiss Yourself (KYS)’ which performed their own rendition to the song Need You Now by Lady Antebellum. This song definitely evoked a sense of nostalgia among the audience and some were even singing along and vibing with them. Next up, Bugem came out and stole hearts with White Horse by Taylor Swift and Viva La Vida by Coldplay. He even busted out a flute halfway and played to the melody of Viva La Vida which made the crowd go wild (Lizzo watch out, you’ve got competition!). The next performer Eleyn came out in ripped jeans and boots, and sang a sultry, acoustic version of the 00’ megahit Toxic by Britney Spears and Make You Feel My Love by Adele. Some of the boys in the crowd started blushing as she enchanted them with her soft but charismatic vocals. 

Flute master Bugem

Following that were two dance peformances. The first one was a Kpop dance group named 4ever which consisted of four adorable girls wearing pastel tops and tennis skirts. They performed an energetic number to the song Oh! by Girls Generation. The Kpop fans were chanting and cheering them on as they danced to their solo parts and dance breaks. Last up was a magnetic hip-hop performance by Isyraf. His impressive dance moves and floorwork to 00s hits like Low by Florida and Baby by Justin Bieber got the crowd’s attention. Furthermore, he ended his performance with a backflip which wrapped up the event with a bang!

Isyraf showing off dem moves

So that was Social Hive 2020, wrapped up! It was surely a great time to mingle, get to know new people and watch amazing talents do their thing. Social Hive will be back during new intakes, so do check out Sunway College Student Council’s Facebook Page  or their Instagram for updates and more exciting events. Do let us know which events Echo should cover next in the comment section below!
Echo Members Joan and Joyce at Social Hive 2020

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