Its hollow bones and rusty strings,

A chorus left unfinished,

The singer can no longer sing,

The air in his lungs diminished.


The monster reared its black head, 

As the final soldier fell,

The bard played his lonesome song,

A story he would never tell. 


Music man oh music man,

You left a bitter taste on our tongues,

They told you: “We’re doing all we can!”,

And to us how you still sang.  


Glass walls held back waves,

But blue still came crashing down,

Some burned forests, others hid in caves,

While the sand covered a gilded crown.


Music man oh music man,

We will never truly know,

Why they tore away your unwritten plan,

As drafted dreams were tossed through a window.


Hands formed a human mesh,

Living rattan woven in harmony,

Memories of your melodies still fresh,

As together we sang your symphony.


Music man oh music man,

You said that we would forget, 

But your masterpiece shines oh so bright, 

Rest now, you needn’t fret. 


Honeyed melodies, cobweb songs,

Stick to us like flies, 

You never truly left us,

You promised and you never lied.

By: Saoussan Mokraoui

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