As July’s theme is Unity, we asked our writers the following prompt: 

What is the biggest sign of unity that you’ve seen in your life?”


Here’s what they had to say:

“I think the biggest sign of unity would be any form of protest in society. Like the Black Lives Matter movement. Or pride walks or any walk for women’s rights/equality. I just think it’s so incredible how people in this movement are together, and that they stand united no matter how violent it gets. Especially with the Black Lives Matter movement, I’ve seen how white people use themselves as shields against the police force to protect black protestors.”

– Natasha Effendy


“I think religion, when done right, has the most significant potential to unite. Sharing faith is more than just sharing belief. Faith is the belief in something intangible and something that cannot be proven or unproven. A ‘leap of faith’ implies risk, and when all take that risk together, to believe in something, you have a society, united. You respect others under your faith for taking that risk. You respect people from other faiths for upholding their convictions. And your concern is focused on your own standing in faith, not on others.

Religion now is fractured with disagreements and corruption, yet even then, 2.5 million people gathered for Hajj last year, believed to be the world’s largest annual human gathering. In Hajj you perform a series of rituals that are physical and spiritual in nature, in a certain order, in synchronisation. Those annual 2.5 million people from across the globe, rich and poor, of all skin colours and genders and professions and political beliefs, are the biggest sign of unity I’ve ever seen.”

– Fajar


“ “You did well. You’ve worked hard.”

This is what most people would say whenever I managed to clear each of my papers. However, upon reflection, I’ve also come to realize that it isn’t just me alone – it’s the people around me who indirectly contributed to my success – a collective effort.

In order to pass my papers, I’ve burnt the midnight oil on several occasions. Nevertheless, I’m grateful to have lecturers who were ever ready to guide me and impart their knowledge, friends who were kind enough to share their notes with me and last but not least, I had a strong support system; my own family.”

– Joey Yap




“Well, the biggest sign of Unity I’ve seen is during 2020. People standing under the same banner (Black lives Matter) despite being from different races, religions, genders etc. With a common aim for bringing justice and staying united.” 

– Aisha Sheikh


“Petronas festival advertisements.”

– Anonymous

“The biggest display of unity I’ve seen happened not long ago, during the #BlackLivesMatter movement. All over social media people were brave in voicing out their opinions regarding the issue and many people around the world took part in publicly protesting against racism. It was and still is a monumental time where people around the world embraced each other regardless of race and found the courage to tackle the racial segregation that has been tucked under the dark shadows of society for centuries.”

– Anonymous



“My great grandmother fell ill in the fall of 2018. She has 10 children, and 8 great grandchildren. Even though we all know that family can get messy – and that the burden of life can sever even the strongest of bonds – that didn’t stop our great, big extended family from flying over to Hyderabad in an instant to see the matriarch of our family. 

Years of no contact, harsh words and selfishness – all of that vanished when she needed us most. Her children, who had built their own lives and families in different corners of the world; all stopped what they were doing and came running to her aid. That was the biggest sign of unity that I had ever witnessed in my life.”

– Nabilah Hassan







The above responses are the opinions of the individual writers’ point of view. They in no way represent The Sunway Education Group nor Sunway Echo Media’s point of view.  

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