Moon: It’s That Time of the Month Again!

How Moon came to be

Getting your period is tough, but it can be made even worse when you realise that you’ve run out of pads and the quickest way to get them is 15 minutes away so the only option available is choosing between free bleeding or shoving tissue down your underwear. This experience is not unfamiliar to most girls, but it was this struggle exactly that sparked the creation of Moon by Hosh – a period-care subscription service that delivers pads and care packages right to your doorstep.

Moon by Hosh

About Moon

As of now, Moon is the only menstruation company in Malaysia that offers subscriptions for period care packages. Its pads are made of bamboo fibre which is not only biodegradable but also absorbent, thermal insulative and hypoallergenic; making it an ideal material choice for sanitary pads. Pads aside, Moon also offers additional services and attention to detail; striving to make sure that these monthly visits are as comfortable as possible and even something to look forward to. Moon’s slogan, “it’s that time of the month again,” aims to change the negative connotation attached to the all-too-well known phrase to a more positive and uplifting one, encouraging women to appreciate their bodies and welcome their periods rather than dread it, especially since a regular cycle indicates good health! Moon’s core value is to end period poverty in Malaysia by providing quality period care packages to women of under-served communities in the long run. Another one of its missions is to create a safe community by providing anybody who menstruates with accessibility and comfort, and by advocating for us to take care of each other – all while aiming for sustainability.

The Artemis Subscription Box is Moon’s fully customisable period-care subscription package tailored towards users’ cycles and flows. The package includes a choice of a number of pads and liners, mystery goodies to cheer users up on their periods, and personalised stationery to provide users with an All-About-You experience. 

The Artemis Box – a period care subscription

About the business owners

Moon’s founders, Shay and Hoormila are both Sunway alumni; with Shay having recently graduated from Sunway University’s Bachelors of Science in International Business (she’s also an Echo Media alumni!) and Hoormila having graduated from Sunway College’s Foundation in Arts. Shay and Hoormila met each other in 2019 by being members of the Sunway College student council. Both girls were heavily involved in the extracurricular scene, not only by being active in clubs and societies but also by participating in various entrepreneurship competitions such as sales pitching and startups, amongst many others. It is evident that the two founders are both business-minded individuals, and this along with their shared struggles during menstruation are what inspired them to found Moon. Shay mentions that the business’ subscription feature in particular was added due to the struggle of forgetting to top-up on sanitary pads until it is too late, and the “mystery goodies” and personalised stationery features are added to put emphasis on self-care and the much needed “princess treatment” during one’s period.

Moon’s short term goal is to reach as many people as possible with the message of sustainable feminine healthcare, products & lifestyle. Moon wants people to at least try their products first as it can help them be more open minded about sustainable options that are safer for themselves and the environment. Moreover, Moon emphasises that raising awareness of environmentalism and period poverty is important. Meanwhile, their long term goal is to be the leading menstrual care brand and end period poverty in Malaysia by eventually partnering with relevant charities and foundations to end it officially.

Hoormila (left) and Shay, Moon by Hosh’s co-founders


In true Sunway fashion, Moon places heavy emphasis on sustainability in its production. Shay says that natural sources like bamboo are incredibly regenerative and able to withstand daily use when maintained properly. Not just for their pads, Moon takes eco-friendliness into consideration every step of the way. Its packaging is made of recycled paper, and they work exclusively with delivery providers that offer carbon neutral services. All Moon products compost in a matter of 120 days, which is very much shorter in comparison to commercial pads that can take up to 800 years to break down and even then, never fully biodegrade. 

Moon also maintains transparency with its customers regarding sustainability by ensuring all materials used in production are written on the packaging. As for services, updates are frequently sent through WhatsApp and emails to ensure that its community is not kept in the dark and is as involved as possible in their operational decisions and processes. Constantly working to improve its products and branding while staying true to its values, Moon assures its customers that they can confidently utilise Moon’s services knowing that they don’t have to compromise on quality nor sustainability when practising self-care. 

Those at Moon continually work to educate their customer base about the importance of using biodegradable products and their impact on the environment through speaking at public events, panel discussions and interviews, having pop-up booths, as well as through publications (such as this one!). The founders of Moon by Hosh firmly believe that conversations can happen anywhere and that anyone can make a difference one conversation at a time.

Source: Moon by Hosh’s website

A deeper dive into Moon’s pads

Both Hoormilla and Shay believe that health is our biggest investment, and they work to promote the importance of healthcare and self-care in the long term. In regards to menstrual care, they emphasise that private parts are especially sensitive and can be easily infected, which is why it is crucial to take concern over the quality of the products used in those areas. Because of this, Moon is precise and selective with their manufacturing process; only choosing to work with suppliers who are able to understand and comply with their requirements, which also enables them to reduce costs and offer quality products at a value price.

Moon’s sanitary pads are made of organic bamboo and pure cotton, and the makeup of the pad is made from biodegradable PLA and PVA material. The bamboo fabric topsheet of the pads possess high tensile strength and modulus, high moisture absorption and retention, along with great thermal insulation properties. This organic material is also hypoallergenic and airy, which is perfect for sensitive skin. The individual pad wrappers and backsheet are made of PLA and PBAT composite film, which is also biodegradable. As mentioned earlier, the boxes used are also made from recycled paper.

Source: @moonbyhosh on Instagram

Some additional features of Moon’s sanitary pads include being ultra-thin and absorbent as they are made with airlaid and SAP (super absorbent polymer) paper, as well as offering side leak protection via hydrophobic hot-air nonwoven material. Not to mention, each pad contains a herbal anion chip, which is an organic product said to bring various benefits to physical health via its detoxifying and antibacterial properties, among many others. Moon pads are also extra secure on underwear as they utilise reinforced non-toxic adhesive.

Challenges and solutions 

The biggest challenge that Moon’s team has faced is having to work through the male-dominated business field, as it can be difficult to convey to them the concept and need of subscription-based menstrual care and the importance of safe and organic sanitary products. Despite this, the team perseveres to prove their values in their products and make a name for themselves in the market. This is done by slowly but surely building their investment pool and increasing their reach. Moon has hosted multiple pop-up booths at Sunway College, MMU Cyberjaya, Melaka, Bukit Bintang and plans to host many more in order to do so. It is evident that they have been successful in doing so so far, having sold over a thousand units despite having launched their business only 4 months ago! 

Moon’s booth at Boulevard

When asked if there was anything they would have done differently looking back, Shay says that she would’ve been more selective with the people she chose to work with, focusing more on the spirit and values each member brings to the table rather than the size of the team. She’s learnt that all you really need is a handful of sincere and hardworking people to work alongside towards your shared dream.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

When asked what they wish they had known before starting a business, Shay answers that she wishes she knew that there were so many opportunities for startups in Malaysia. She had assumed that starting a business would be a lonely process, but in reality the Malaysian government and universities provide lots of resources and opportunities to help businesses like theirs grow.

Some resources that have been useful to Moon’s team include Cradle, MOSTI, MRANTI and PitchIn – all of which are local initiatives that aim to support startups – among many others. They also suggest looking into your own university’s entrepreneurship centres (such as Sunway’s iLabs). Meeting up and starting conversations with these organisations can help connect your business with investors and platforms for exposure.

Moon’s team also advises those looking to start their own business to not fall into “analysis paralysis”, whereby one becomes too fixated on perfecting their idea and ends up indefinitely delaying the launch of their business. They note that this phenomenon is what caused Moon to only officially launch in 2024 even though it was ideated in 2020. Shay and Hoormila remark that the market is ever changing and that research done on it today may not be applicable tomorrow or the day after. They say that while it is good to understand your niche, it is easy to fall into the trap of an endless cycle of only conducting research. The best way to learn is by experiencing it first hand; so get started as soon as you can!

In terms of maintaining a good work-life balance, Shay advises that it is important to have strong support systems, emphasising the value of having someone who not only cares about you but respects your career choices as well. Hoormila on the other hand is currently in her final year of studies and working a part-time job in addition to being the co-founder of Moon, and admits that it can get stressful at times. However, thinking about the future and the long-run benefits of her hard work, Hoormila makes a promise to stick things out and see things through.

Community and impact

Positively impacting and uplifting those in the local community and industry is also a value that Moon holds dear. All “goodies” included in the subscriptions boxes such as candles and chocolates are sourced from other local businesses and startups, as Moon aims to help boost other local brands and encourage consumers to move away from exported products and #SapotLokal instead. If you’re a local business looking to collaborate, don’t be shy to hit them up!

Moon is always looking for more opportunities to collaborate as giving back means a lot to the two founders. They believe that Moon has a lot to bring to the table in its partnerships with various organisations. One of their upcoming plans involves working with charities and NGOs to match and mirror Moon’s paying customers’ subscriptions to women from vulnerable communities who can’t afford pads. 

The owner’s personal reflections

Having been interested in sustainability as a young girl, it was only natural for Shay to join Sunway Education. Shay appreciates how Sunway follows through with the SDGs and its values. Her involvement with many clubs and societies along with student leadership bodies were what eventually inspired her to pursue something that contributes to both her passion for sustainability and women’s health. Knowing that Moon isn’t about its sales but rather its overarching goal to help girls in need (by giving them the period care they deserve) puts Shay at ease. The most rewarding part of their business journey has been the community they’ve fostered, according to Shay. Being able to help other girls out and hear about how their business has helped improve customers’ experiences with their periods is what makes it all worth it for her.

To Hoormilla, sustainability is important as she strives to leave behind something good for the next generation, believing that humans will continue to be on earth for a long time and wanting to take care of the others who will come after us. She personally believes that this brand she has co-created will serve her health in the long run as well. The most rewarding part for Hoormila has been the little successes they’ve had. She is happy to celebrate with her team and friends – the people who appreciate what she does – and to work towards the same dream and achieve it together with them.

Source: @moonbyhosh on Instagram

Where to find Moon

At this point if you’re not scrambling  looking for where to purchase your very own Artemis Subscription Box, did you even read the article? For those who are, fret not as linked below are places where you can find out more about Moon.

Written by: Sarah Tan

Edited by: Poorani

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