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Movies: How They Change Your Worldview

Of all the whimsical, hilarious and heartwarming lines in Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, the one that kept my attention long after hearing it is this: “You can’t arrest him just because he’s a bloody immigrant, he hasn’t done anything wrong!”. This is said by M. Gustave, the high-class concierge of the hotel defending his son-like figure, Zero, who happens to be an immigrant in the fictional Republic of Zubrowka. Later on, frustrated that Zero hasn’t procured certain items, M. Gustave questions why Zero ever even left his country if he weren’t going to work his hardest to which Zero responds, “The war”. Immediately Gustave’s attitude flips, he softens, we soften with him. 

Fictional Utopias

The assuaging places that my mind loves to wander off to during these times of seclusion are the fictional worlds that present themselves as utopias. They manage to provide me with comfort and a momentary escape from the calamities that we are all focusing on. For a brief moment, I can visualise the magic of these worlds and somehow transfer them to my own reality, and our world suddenly appears fresh and new. Although it does not solve our adversities, it allows me to take a step back and have a more positive outlook on life, similar to that of a child’s perspective. We could all use a little imaginary adventure, so here are a few of my favourite fictional utopias.

Of Korean Dramas and Intertwined Fates

Malaysians have definitely not been strangers to the Kdrama Wave that has swept the globe with engaging storytelling and swoon-worthy romances. For most of us kdrama fans, binging on kdramas is a way of life; gritting your teeth at despicable villains who threaten our protagonists, sighing out loud at a lover’s passionate confession, clicking “next episode” at the speed of light when the episode ends on a cliffhanger and then going “I regret nothing” when it’s suddenly five in the morning…

Self-Growth & Reality TV

Reality TV is often referred to as ‘brain dead’ entertainment by society, ridiculed for it’s ridiculous premises, scripted drama and unnecessary close up shots followed by overplayed sound effects. However, certain shows, despite its superficial surface value, actually have deep underlying messages of self-growth. To keep it interesting, this article won’t delve into the obvious self-improvement based reality shows like “The Amazing Race” or “Survivor”, instead it will focus more on the odd reality TV shows that we might have just watched for laughs

So, here are three unconventional reality TV shows with underlying themes of self-growth!