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“Thank You”

“Thank you”. Two simple words that can make someone feel appreciated and make someone’s day. Often we don’t realise the power of these words and how much they matter. Saying those words cost nothing, and yet what I’ve realised is that we’re stingy with them.

Seasons Fashion

To whoever says that turtle necks are meant for only ‘autumn’, ‘winter’ or simply cold seasons, they’re severely mistaken. Anyone can rock a turtle neck of different kinds, at any time. Here are a few suggestions on how you can complement your turtle necks without much hassle.

Freedom of Speech

What, exactly, is freedom of speech?
Is it the right to speak out loud?
Is it the right to express our opinions and thoughts without fear of reprisal? Without reprisal itself?
In all honesty, it is all of them.
However, though many of us believe in it, do we live it? Understand it?

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