It’s time to celebrate the first cardinal sign of the zodiac because it’s Aries season! Aries season (March 21-April 19) marks not only the beginning of the zodiac wheel, but also the beginning of incoming Spring. 

Represented by The Ram, Aries are associated with leadership and perseverance as they often work through any obstacles or challenges until they achieve their end goal, which makes them excellent leaders. This relates to their symbol, “The Ram”, which is the Latin word meaning battering ram or prop, a warfare device used to break down opponents’ barricades during medieval times. In Babylonian times, The Ram was also seen as a symbol of agriculture and deemed as the god of shepherds.

Aries are fire signs and they embody fire’s common characteristics to their core. Just like fire, they are known to be assertive, inspirational and impulsive; a true light that brightens people’s lives. The fire element is also perceived as divine light by ancient astrologers which justifies their head-strong tendencies. This divinity that is associated with Aries can propel them to pursue a spiritual purpose of propagating their ideas and philosophies, which drives them to firmly grasp on to their beliefs as they view it as their higher purpose. 

Their strong-held beliefs also play a part in their strong sense of justice because it is an impetus for their personal principles, making them passionate defenders of what they view as just. If they believe in a cause, they will do so passionately and will often be seen at the forefront of action. 

However, on the flip side, this strength of theirs can also manifest itself in stubbornness and impulsiveness. Because they are so invested in their beliefs, Aries can fail to view things from other people’s perspectives and can be extremely set in their ways. These intense personal philosophies can also push Aries into doing things without thinking them through entirely. Their lack of self-control derives from impatience to see their innermost ideas realized. 

Aries are possibly the most optimistic people that you will ever meet; their positivity during trying times can almost be infectious and it is capable of empowering the people around them. Like a magnet, their faith for a better tomorrow attracts people to them, and it showcases their charisma which inspires others. They inspire confidence through their fearlessness in the face of adversities and their courage to lead and question issues that might otherwise be left unaddressed.

With an inherent competitive nature, Aries always have their eyes on success and most importantly, on winning. Challenges are welcomed elements in Aries’ lives as it motivates them to work even harder to reach their aspirations successfully.

Nevertheless, their goal-driven tendencies may lead them to portray themselves as rather arrogant and single-minded individuals. Since pursuing their aspirations is their ultimate goal, they tend to tunnel down on their singular dreams with little regard for others. This can come across as them placing their goals in a higher place than that of the people around them and disregarding other people’s input, preferring to mould their projects into one that parallels their own ideals and standards.

  1. Love and Relationships

Aries’ passion and energy is transferable to their relationships as they ensure to express their warmth and emotions to their significant other. Aries wear their hearts on their sleeves, allowing their partners to get a peek into their inner lives. This straightforwardness is the main reason that Aries fall in love quickly because they are attuned to their emotions and are immediately certain once they meet a person that they can bond with. 

However, this outward expression of feelings can be exhibited through sensitivity-driven actions. This can cause them to push away their significant others during vulnerable times only to return in a more loving manner when they miss their loved ones. Such behaviour is usually a result of their impulsive nature whereby they speak before thinking things through. Their actions are balanced out by their fierce loyalty and passion which ignites deep regret for their mistakes. 

Aries’ fiery personality needs to be met by the same passion from their partners. They seek out significant others who are able to keep up with their goals and expectations. Aries appreciate a partner who is able to communicate their desires in a candid way, leaving no room for ambiguity. 

Such communication is highly valued by Aries as it helps them feel comfortable with their partners and implies that there is transparency in their relationship so they can easily open up about themselves without the fear of judgement. 

Even though Aries tends to be initiators in their romantic relationships, they yearn for partners who can be their rival and are confident enough to challenge them. Aries also like to be argumentative, so they look for partners with a steadfast mind who can stand their ground in discussions. Although it can be seen as an unconventional way of communicating with a loved one, Aries enjoy bantering with their partners as it keeps their relationship interesting.

Aries can be very protective of their partners and are quick to defend their loved ones from anything or anyone that is potentially harmful. However, this protectiveness can also turn into jealousy as they can be quite possessive of their partners and want their undivided attention. If they feel that their significant other crosses some boundaries, they are quick to confront their partner regarding their emotions. 

  1. Friends and family 

As an individual, Aries thrives in diverse social circles and activities. They’re always on the go for a reason. Aries people are typically easy to get along with, and they’re known to make a lot of friends in their lifetime. In a way, they have multiple friend groups, but at the same time, some might find difficulty in catching up with their feverish energy. Establishing long-term friends may be a weakness of this astrology sign because it can be perceived as “exhausting” to be their friend. Only those who match up their crazy energy and interest in doing activities together end up being a major part of the Aries’ lives. 

Aries are self-made and independent – almost all the time, they’re bound to venture out into the unknown alone. But that doesn’t mean they would abandon their families. Aries love their families very much, and they fiercely devote themselves to their children. Even when time has passed, they have a soft spot saved for their loved ones. Their love language is more on the direct side, but you should know that they always mean well. 

In terms of compatibility, Aries blend well with the other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius. Gemini and Aquarius (both air signs) may be thrown into the mix as well. 

  1. Career & Finance 

The independent streak of Aries is one of the qualities you might seek in a leader. Aries are creative and ambitious, and they don’t mind getting head-to-head with their competitors. They love to take charge and initiate, and they have a great ability to see the bigger picture. An Aries is also great at problem-solving and they can do it at the snap of a finger. 

Aries relatively succeed in jobs such as real estate agent, sales, management, conductor, and business owner. Aries workers are motivated by their own agenda, so they might do whatever it takes to fuel their career. 

In the true nature of an Aries, they love to go all out for the things they want – they’re more likely to spend and splurge on material things. They like to live in the moment – specifically their shopping sprees – as long as they’re having fun. But at the same time, they do remember to save up for a rainy day. Circling back to their careers, they have a strong need for financial stability so that they can afford the lifestyle they want. 

By: Julia Rosalyn and Natasha Effendy

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