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V2K: Behind the Sacred Screens

Instagram has, for a very long time, been a haven of delectable cafe ladies, beauty goddesses, fitness gurus, CEO empresses – all of whom are victimized by the very platform that brought them to their pedestals. The tyrant that destroyed the unicorn dazzling side of social media is none other than V2K, a Telegram group chat trending among sexual predators who exploit women everywhere.

3 Asian Folktales You Should Know

For possibly many of us, folktales have been a part of our lives. They could be the stories told at bedtime by our elders or the tales that were told around the campfires at night. Most importantly, folktales are the remnants of our past and of our culture. They represent one’s heritage and history thus making it an important piece in the representation of unique cultures. Here are 3 folktales from our Asian culture, hailing from China, Indonesia and Japan.

Real Talk: Sexual Health Awareness

Welcome to Echo’s very first chapter of Real Talk. In this series, we’re going to uncover, and tap into topics that are (you guessed it!), hard to talk about. With research, diverse perspectives and an open mind, we hope to equip you with a better understanding of certain ‘taboo’ topics and provide you with proper representation through this series. Today’s topic is very relevant this month just as it is every month. Sexual Health Awareness!