Astrology with Echo: Scorpio Season

It’s Scorpio season! Do you know what that means? ‘Tis the season for the most overzealous, jealous and possessive bunch- 

If you know someone that was born between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November, then they’re a Scorpio. They form the second sign of the Water element, and honestly, a lot of people mistake Scorpios as a fire sign because of their intensity. At the same time, the people that fall under this zodiac have a bad rep for being terrible exes or crazy best friends. But fret not, for we’re here to clarify all Scorpio-related misconceptions. 

Scorpio is symbolised by the scorpion, which is known for their poisonous sting. Similar to the arachnid, Scorpios like to lay low and wait for the right time to strike. People of this sign are strategic as they instinctively know what they want – and when they know what they want, they will go through hell and back for it, even if there’s a need to charm the socks off of someone’s feet, they’ll do it. With a plan in place, Scorpios are less likely to give up and hence they work hard. After all, they’re incredibly goal-oriented and calculative. They always manage to be a few steps ahead of you, as their intuitions ring strong.

If you ever get stung by a Scorpio, it will be fatal. Other than being witty and honest, their words drip with poison. They’re the type to hold grudges and sever ties if needed. This is because they value honesty, and when you’ve earned the respect of a Scorpio, they’d forever be loyal to you. On the other hand, Scorpios can get pretty paranoid and resentful towards others, especially with people they don’t fully trust. They never like to spill a secret, not unless you’re close to them. 

Passionate – that’s what defines Scorpios. It’s said that someone born of this month truly values whatever they do and that has to do with their emotional capacity. Like with any other water sign, Scorpios can get emotional. They’re always brimming with a lot of energy, and they often channel it into means of self-expression. If not, they’ll make use of it in romantic relationships. The same passion also drives their intense determination as well, making them exceptional leaders. They have an instinct to conquer and compete, thus making them formidable opponents. 

For a lot of people, the brooding of a Scorpio is attractive. It’s unknown whether Scorpios are the result of Valentine’s Day “afterparties” but supposedly, the mysterious and calm exterior seems to take on a rather seductive quality. Most Scorpios generally make the first impression of being quiet, since they don’t easily open up on the first date. Since they usually have a lot of layers going on underneath, many people tend to brand these individuals as unpredictable or “an enigma”. 

But at the same time, Scorpios can tap into their desire for control, hence their tendencies to be domineering and controlling. With all the drive inside their souls, they can get relentless and push others past their comfort zones and boundaries. This can also apply to the Scorpio as well, resulting in burnout at times. If not, the control can escalate into a strong sense of jealousy and possessiveness, especially over the people they cherish in relationships. Yet at the same time, they hate being controlled by others or being told what to do. Ironic, right? 

Scorpios also have a tendency to be pretty stubborn. Being a fixed sign, Scorpios are less likely willing to compromise, and they prefer to stick to their beliefs and values. This is also related to their perception of control since they always like things to go their way. Speaking of which, there’s also the risk of high expectations with this bunch. 

As aforementioned, Scorpios are passionate, and they are just as ambitious. This has to do with their passion that runs really deep, and mind you, they treat most things in life seriously. On the bright side, they go for great things and big dreams and yes, they can be a bit of a rebel. On the downside however, they can easily get themselves into danger with all that bravery to venture out into the unknown and get themselves in a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, they’re known to be resilient and tough-minded.

Since we’ve outlined the true basis of a Scorpio, let us dive into the specifics!

A Scorpio’s Love Life:

Sensuality is a Scorpio speciality, so it’s no surprise that passion and intimacy are more significant to them than it is to any other sign of the zodiac. They seek intelligence and honesty in partners. 

Scorpios are especially dedicated and faithful once they fall in love, but they fall with caution as it takes quite a while for them to establish trust and respect for someone, let alone someone they want to be with romantically. 

Scorpio’s Friendships and Family:

Scorpios are distinguishable for their quick-wittedness and for their continued surprises, which leaves them feeling most comfortable around humorous, easy-going and fun-loving company. Apart from that, they have impeccable integrity and sensibility making them notably family-oriented and committed to their beloved. 

One has to be mindful around Scorpios however, as they take matters to heart easily. Heard of “fool me once, shame on you”? Well with Scorpios it’s more like, “fool me once, you’re dead to me”, so it’s painstakingly improbable for them to recover from being deceived as their emotional plane is stronger than most. 

This also makes it unlikely for you to make them feel better whenever they’re feeling down. It’s definitely a struggle for friends and family of Scorpios, but it’s a relatively small price to pay to have them in your lives. 

Scorpio’s Career and Finance:

Scorpios have a knack for management. Problem-solving and creativity is their expertise. They’re able to give their undivided attention when completing tasks which makes them competent leaders. With that being said, they never mix business with pleasure. You either have to be one or the other in a Scorpios life, never both at the same time. 

If you’ve ever met a Scorpio, you’d know it’s hopeless standing in the way of them and their goals. They’re virtually unstoppable when they put their mind to something. Scorpios also believe respect is to be earned, not expected. Therefore, they respect people, not for their age, wealth, or status, but instead for the way they treat others.  

Scientific approaches specifically seem to be their forte for careers such as a scientist, physician, researcher, sailor, detective, psychologist and business manager are most appropriate for this efficient sign.

Financially, Scorpios are rather disciplined, complying to their budgets. They aren’t inclined to spend unnecessarily, as they view money as security which allows them to feel in control. This explains their economiser tendencies, thinking more than twice before investing in anything. However, they’re not one to shy away from an opportunity to improve their standard of living and attain a better financial situation. 

By Natasha Effendy and Shay Azman

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