On the midnight of June 24th 2004 a biological research lab near the town of Yukagir, in the Far North of Russia, violently exploded. The lab, belonging to the research company BioIntel, had previously been under suspicion of conducting unethical “tests” on humans. Their goals have since been exposed. While previously branding themselves as simply an organization interested in the study of the human ability, we can now say for certain that the labs’ true purpose was to produce “superhumans”. Each year, men, women and children were captured and subsequently held captive, forced to consume dangerous chemicals in order to induce the creation of superhuman abilities. Products of this research can be seen in recently seized bioweapons: Humans made to kill.

The following letter was found during the search for survivors of the lab explosion. The writer notes herself as “Dr. Catherine Chang”, a spy sent by the United States, tasked with infiltrating and investigating the lab. It is unknown whether she survived the explosion as her body was never recovered or identified.


My name is Dr. Catherine Chang. 6 months ago, I was sent by my country to northern Russia, in an undercover operation to expose BioIntel Labs for who they really are. My mission was simple really, any scientist could have pulled it off. I was tasked with recording and sending back data from the experiments they were holding in their labs. Previous missions made by my fellow colleagues confirmed rumors of human experimentation. They had been kidnapping men, women and children from across the world, running experiments of some nature without their prior consent. I was simply there to record more evidence and unearth the objectives of their cruel acts. What did they seek to achieve with these experiments? A bioweapon? Soldiers? Those questions furthered my drive to expose BioIntel Labs.

My first day at the lab was on December 15th, 2003. The moment I walked through the staff entrance at the facility, I was greeted with open arms. Almost a dozen Russian scientists came over to greet me in their language. I was expecting a colder welcome, one that matched the near-Arctic weather outside. As they were showing me around, they would ask me truly unimportant questions, like how life is in America and where I went to school. Of course, I made them believe I was American, I was not about to walk into the most unethical science facility in the world bearing my own name and identity. Going back to the point though, their warm welcome made me wonder if perhaps, my country’s government was wrong. Maybe my colleagues went to the wrong facility?

That all changed once I was brought into the lab. A large sign reading “Lab A-1” led me to the most shocking thing I had witnessed in my 34 years of life. At the end of the lab, behind a large glass pane, sat a man, stripped off his clothes, with what looked to be electrodes stuck across his body. The English-speaking scientist introduced me to this subject with a smile on his face, like he felt pride doing this horrible act. I could only look in complete horror while the subject was strapped to an MRI scanner, his limbs flailing, trying to resist. Meanwhile, the scientists around me were still all smiles. At that moment, I was convinced that everyone around me was brainwashed, blind to even the most basic moral code. This was my life for the next 6 months.

I sent multiple requests to head back prematurely, but they were insistent that I stay to collect evidence. Months of having to stand there helplessly while the human subjects around me suffered, stressing about if I had kept up my “innocent American intern” persona well enough to convince the scientists around me that I was one of them. Smiling while watching the horrors of humanity play out in front of me. It was purgatory and frankly, I felt like I deserved it. I began thinking back to the sins of my past, one riddled with backstabbing, lies and sadness. The last time I saw my family was at the hospital, after having injured the useless man who is my father, while his wife, Barbara, and their 3 kids, watched. I would have done worse if the ambulance did not arrive. He had the audacity to cheat on my mother and abandon us for a “better life”. Well, he got his perfect life, while me and my mother suffered through homelessness and poverty.

I was 18. After that incident, I ran from my hometown and headed into the city. I finished my Bachelors, Masters, and eventually, a PhD in Biological Sciences. My life since I left my hometown has been truly great. I got a government job, aiding as a researcher in the scientific advancement branch. 5 years serving the government, and this is where I end up. I harbor no resentment towards the government, only humanity’s drive to achieve results without a care in the world towards the people involved. Fortunately for the government, though, I did not slip up physically or mentally my entire time at BioIntel Labs. Unfortunately, there will be no further evidence sent to them. Absolutely nothing else about this case will be uncovered on their end. The incident that will end my mission will happen tonight.

I can confidently predict that at 12:00am, the entire lab will blow up. I won’t be blowing up the lab as revenge for my 6 months of suffering if that’s what you thought. In fact, the lab’s destruction itself has nothing to do with me. In layman’s terms, a test subject will be escaping this facility tonight. Arina, her name. I noticed her superhuman capabilities from the moment I met her. This subject isn’t unique, I would say- all the subjects here have some supernatural abilities. But Arina is special in that; she can literally infect minds. She is a bipedal mental disease, as I would describe. A psychological weapon. Smart move from BioIntel Labs, truly a magnificent invention. A dangerous one too.

She has been planning her escape in secret for the past 3 years. She intends to sacrifice 126 lives to make this work, 125 if I escape in time. Although, even if I escape, I’m afraid there is no hope left for me. You might feel sympathetic towards her, thinking that the ones who will die tonight deserve it. This is my warning to you. If BioIntel Labs truly explodes at midnight on June 24th, 2004, head to the press immediately. The cowardly government will try to cover this up and deny it, but this is serious. If Arina gets into the wrong hands, this could mean the end of humanity. We will have 3 days left, at best, if some truly devilish people decide to use her to exploit the rest of us. Make Arina famous. Pressure the United Nations and every major power in the world to hunt her down and deactivate her. She is a humanity-ending weapon hiding inside a 10-year old’s body. Stop her, at all costs.

Catherine Chang, signing off for the last time. Tell my mother she means the world to me.

By: Haikal

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