Written by Wong Kit Yin, Nicole.


Dear Americans,

November 9th, 2016 is a date so special that I doubt anyone would forget about it. It was the day that changed America’s future. The day that shocked the entire world.

When Donald Trump was running for the presidency, all I noticed was television hosts making jokes about him on their talk shows, whether it was in his presence or not. The internet was bombarded with creative memes on the speeches that he had made, criticising everything he said. Everyone despised him, wrote horrible things about him and made fun of him in all forms of social media. Yet, he is to be the next President of the United States of America.

It was said that the American Dream was to make America great again or at least that was what Donald Trump promised during the election, but how can you achieve that when its citizens no longer feel safe in their own homeland anymore, where the basic foundation of human rights have been ripped apart from them.

No offence to the Trump voters, I imagine you have a good reason on choosing him as your next president. However, with every vote to him, you have indirectly given the racists, sexists and homophobics more reason to look down and to bully those whom are seemed as beneath them. You have just given power to those rich, white people to do whatever they want. If crimes were committed, they might actually get away with it. Thus, this is how the flames of justice smothered at their feet as they laugh away their wicked deeds. With plans on deporting so-called immigrants and building walls, all I can say is that America, this is your future now. For all these reasons, I am seriously torn between in giving you a big hug or a shoulder to cry on.

When the election was over and Donald Trump was officially elected, no one stopped expressing their shocks and disbelieves. Lady Gaga went on protesting in front of the Trump Tower in New York. Anti-Donald Trump protests happening on the streets of New York, hoping for a change even though none could be salvage by then.

It was then, amongst the pile of hopelessness and sorrow over the loss of Hillary Clinton as their president, there was a slight glimmer of hope. People from all different gender, races, religion and culture walking on the same street, marching together in the protest, fighting for something you truly believe in—a safer and better America. Most of you have thought it lost, but unity had happened and it is burning brightly deep into your hearts and souls.

I realized there should be no fear, especially when everyone are standing together. No one should be afraid anymore; not the homosexuals, Muslims or women. Instead, they should feel braver and almost invincible because they are each other’s source of power now. They have each other’s back.

I guess I would have to thank all of you for that because without these happenings, the world would have never known the importance of unity and just how powerful it could be. I lived in a multiracial country my whole life and yet, unity has become almost a rare occasion now. Yes, we might not have big racial fights, but underneath it all, there is no denying of the tension between the races. Perhaps, this could shed some light on us and hopefully we could learn a thing or two.

We are living in the 21st century; a time where we should be focusing on pushing forward and creating a better future for our descendants. This is not the time to judge the colour of people’s skin, whether that person has a penis or a vagina, or whether or not they are wearing a hijab. There are more matters at hand than fighting with people who are no more or no lesser than you and I.

However, in the end, I am no American and nothing I say could describe what you are genuinely feeling or change anything, but I got a feeling that a new age has almost begun; the age of unity, for as long as we stand together, we are invincible. With this new mindset, there will be no doubt that America could be great again.



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