by Esther Cheok
‘Your Music, Your Night’


Organized by Sunway Music Society, this very ‘lit’ event was held on Thursday, 8th September from 7-11pm, with an estimated number of students attendance of 700-800. With tickets available from as low as rm10, students were able to enthralled by various performances. There were even special guest performances, among them being, the Sunway University Choir, Sunway University Ensemble, the band Back2Basixx, the and of course, the DJ Deonix who pumped the whole Jeffery Cheah Hall up with his sick beats during the rave session.


It was a particularly unique experience for me as I did not go to enjoy the event alone, but rather to help out as well. I was among the 20 volunteers under the Sunway Student Volunteer club to have been chosen to help out in the event. Being in charge of taking care of the crowd flow by ensuring people only entered and exited through the right doors allowed me to be able to watch the performances as well. There were a number of dance performances, vocal performances and even beatboxing. There was a lucky draw competition in addition to all the invigorating happenings, and the emcee of the event would read out winning numbers in between the acts.

After all the performances were over, the lights finally dimmed and it was time to rave. The party lasted all the way till midnight; and even then, students wished it had lasted longer. With the participants tired and sweaty, it was no doubt a satisfying event.

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