Echo’s April Video 2021

Say hello to the month of April where you either become the fool or the fooler. Things are slowly getting better dare I say but for the VP team unfortunately it isn’t so. The starting of this month isn’t exactly what everyone would’ve expected but with a heavy heart, Shay and Philix addressed a very important topic and explains what is actually going on behind the scenes. Sometimes it’s hard to get along with people despite trying your best. I know I’m being all cryptic but definitely watch this video so you’ll understand why it had to happen.  

Here are some of the final thoughts from the team :


“I don’t even know what to say. VP just ended like this. It really opened my eyes to how things can just go so easily….it’s so devastating”


“Nevertheless, I love everyone here, but what has to be done has to be done”


“It’s sad that I just joined but it was a fun ride, even tho it was just for a few hours”


“Although I have enjoyed my time, it’s time to say goodbye”.

by Loshene

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