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In the last Echo Eats, we introduced to the readers 5 fabulous artisanal bakeries and in that list, some raving reviews about each cafes’ croissants. Now, there’s nothing wrong with croissants but some sweet delights could use a little upgrade. Thus, the ‘croffle’ was born. If you haven’t heard of them, croffles are a mash up between croissants and waffles. They are made by putting croissant dough or laminated dough into a waffle maker, then TA-DA! you have a croffle. This means combining the flakey layers of a croissant while having a crisp exterior and texture of a waffle. 

The croffle isn’t the first croissant hybrid to come about; in the 2010’s there was the cronut (croissant x donut) and most recently the crozza (croissant x pizza). There truly is nothing you can’t do with some croissant dough.  In this article, we are going to focus on croffles and their originator, the waffle. 

  1. Yew Yew Coffee
Photo by Julie Pan, local guide

Yew Yew Coffee is a great cafe to check out if you would like to try out croffles for the first time. Each croffle is freshly pressed into the waffle maker upon ordering. The croffles at Yew Yew Coffee have that crisp exterior and  crunch as you cut it open to reveal the layered pastry. Their menu offers standard flavours like classic, sugar cinnamon, nutella, lemon and biscoff. 

Photo by Tia Idrus, local guide

At Yew Yew Coffee you can enjoy a buttery croffle with a cup of specially brewed coffee. 

They have branches all around Selangor, including Paradigm mall PJ, 1Utama, The Gardens Mall and most recently at Lalaport BBCC. 

  1. Beyond coffee @ Bandar Sunway 

For Sunway students, you may already be familiar with this cafe, after all it’s just a minute away from campus. Beyond Coffee is the perfect place to enjoy a hearty meal and finish off with a sweet dessert. Aside from their wide range of rice bowls like katsudon and gyudon and even pastas like mushroom and rendang spaghetti, they have an extensive dessert menu. 

At Beyond coffee, you can round off your meal with a light dessert like their honey croffle or even try something new like their tiramisu croffle, double dark chocolate and the crowd favourite, a lotus biscoff croffle. If you’re interested in a quick breakfast , they also offer croffle combos that include double egg scramble croffle, mushroom sausage omelette croffle, and even scrambled egg with ham and cheese croffle,  with a cup of premium coffee to go with. 

  1. Ini Itu Kafe

Ini Itu cafe, located in TTDI is the perfect stop for foodies who are always up to trying new things. At Ini Itu, they are always experimenting with new flavours to add to their menu and pushing the boundaries on conventional desserts. Ini Itu cafe is proving that just about anything can go on a croffle, with their experimental flavours like apple crumble croffle, banana & toffee croffle and vanilla custard croffle.

Photo taken from Ini.Itu.Kafe instagram

Unlike the other two cafes  previously mentioned, croffles are the star of the menu here at Ini Itu cafe! If you don’t have a sweet tooth, therer are still plenty of croffle options to choose from, like the beef bacon croffle or even a crispy chicken croffle if you’re in the mood for a hearty meal. 

Photo taken from Ini.Itu.Kafe instagram
  1. Fluffed Café & Dessert Bar
Photo by Julian Yee, food reviewer

 So we’ve touched base on where to try out croffles, but let’s not forget our roots. The reason we have croffles is because of WAFFLES! Lately, waffles have been overlooked by their new trendy counterparts but there are still cafes that are sticking to the conventional waffles with their own flavourful twist. Fluffed cafe is one of them, at this Taman Paramount cafe you can get just about any  waffle flavour with ice cream. 

Photo taken from Fluffed cafe instagram

Each waffle is named after a cartoon to invoke a sense of nostalgia, just like their flavours do. To name a few, Beauty and the Beast ( Cocoa waffle with mango ice cream), KungFu Panda (Charcoal waffle with Oolong tea ice cream), Queen of Hearts (Signature waffle with rose raspberry ice cream), and Peter Pan (Pandan waffle with coconut ice cream and pandan kaya)  With over 12 different flavours, Fluffed Cafe waffles are just right, with crispy grids and a fluffy interior topped with unique ice cream flavours, a sweet sauce drizzle and cut fruits. 

  1. Inside Scoop
Photo from Inside Scoop

Inside scoop is a go-to ice cream place, but have you ever stopped by to try their waffles?  Inside scoop is on this list for its customization — at Inside Scoop you get to choose between classic buttermilk, charcoal, nutella or banana waffles and pair them up with any ice cream flavour. The possibilities are endless when you can have a nutella waffle with mint ice cream or a banana waffle with their latest taro-flavoured ice cream . 

Photo from Inside Scoop

Inside scoop’s buttermilk waffles are  classic fluffy waffles that compliment any ice cream you order them with. The best part? You can add up to three ice cream scoops of different flavours to mix and match to your heart’s content. With branches in Sunway Pyramid, Damasara Jaya, 1 Utama and many more, Inside scoop has become the best place for a quick waffle fix. 

Honourable mention: CGC Glenmarie – LRT waffles

If crispy, thick waffles with fancy toppings aren’t your cup of tea, you can always go local and get gerai waffles! These are the soggy, chewy waffles that would be sold at a school canteen or by the side of the road. A personal favourite of mine is from the stall at the CGC Glenmarie LRT, a simply folded waffle with peanut butter and nutella spread in between. They are the perfect snack to get after a long day of classes and the tiring commute home. 

That’s about it for this edition of Echo Eats! If this article made you crave a sweet dessert, Beyond Coffee is just a 2 minute walk away from campus or look out for the nearest Inside Scoop!

Written by: Ally Raisa

Edited by: Poorani

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