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Cuppa Coffee with Dr Elizabeth Lee

Cuppa Coffee was held on 23rd April 2018 (Monday). From the entrance of The Lunch Box Cafeway, there were two seats indicating the direction of the stage and dozens of chairs were aligned in 2 columns. The atmosphere was vibrant and filled with voices as several people were having their own conversations prior to the event. The Sunway University and College Student Councils were dressed in suits and ties and were standing beside the projector and PC station in preparation for the event. The aroma of coffee bean soon filled the room. Ah, it was Starbucks Coffee… There were also various refreshments that were served. Many Sunway Education Group staff queued up for coffee after a tiring day.

Harmony Dialogue

On Saturday the 21st of April, Sekretariat Rukun Negara (SRN) hosted an event called Harmony Dialogue with the goal of promoting racial unity among students and the public community. The event sparked a lot of interest among the community and around 400 people attended the event. This number included students from various schools in Malaysia, VIPs, the public and of course Sunway students. There were five speakers who spoke about their religions: Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. They spoke about their different faiths and how the main goal of each religion is to ensure peaceful co-existence.

Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War, if you haven’t heard, has absolutely smashed box office records, taking over roughly 72% of the worldwide box office since it’s opening on Wednesday with a 63 million dollar gross. In Malaysia alone it earned 8.4 million USD, one of the highest openings in the country, ever. It’s been out for at least nine days by the time this is published, so if you haven’t seen it, you simply aren’t interested. Personally, not being caught up in the phenomenon that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe is incomprehensible to me. This universe is part of my identity and soul. More than that, it is an experience open to all skin colours, religions, political alignments and continents.