Former Assistant HOD Joey Yap

Birthdate: 13th November

Course: ACCA

3 things they do a lot: studying, short home workout sessions, watching cute puppy videos

Hobby that defines them: watching local comedians because they are more relatable

Favourite Album: Reload by NCT DREAM

Favourite Film: Cinderella, her first movie ever

Favourite Famous Person: Florence Nightingale

One of their goals: riding a bicycle

Additional Stuff: “Happiness is a warm puppy heh”


Birthdate: 19th July

Course: AUSMAT

3 things they do a lot: reading, writing, sleeping

Hobby that defines them: writing

Favourite Album: Bunka by Eve

Favourite Film: Promare

Favourite Famous Person: Rick Riordan

One of their goals: write a book once day

Wei Choong

Birthdate: 13th October

Course: AUSMAT

3 things they do a lot: mobile games, roleplaying with friends as prominent political figures (such as old Palpy in Star Wars) and listening to Coldplay

Hobby that defines them: drawing

Favourite Album: Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay

Favourite Film: The Secret Life of Pets

Favourite Famous Person: Jonny Buckland

One of their goals: becoming influential and powerful enough to gain veto powers in the UN (himself VS other countries that is)

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