By: Elycia Lee

As a kid from the 90s, sometimes I look at the gadgets and devices we have now and I can’t help thinking how much has changed since then, but there’s always a sense of nostalgia whenever I’m reminded of them. The rapid transformation of technology truly amazes me, but back in my days…


  1. VCR (Video Cassette Recorder)MVR

Before we had CDs and DVDs, we had VCR that could record analogue audio and analogue video from broadcast television and play pre-recorded tapes. After watching a tape, we had to rewind the tape back to watch it again! Quite a tedious job, but it was fun to turn it back with a pencil ☺

2. Mobile phonesPhones

The mobile phones we had back then… what do you mean ‘touch screen’? These phones didn’t even have colour! This was back when Nokia was really famous, and even now it is still known by many for its ‘indestructibility’.

3. PlaystationConsoles

Behold, Playstation 1. Before the creation of XBOX and Wii, we had Playstations and the games came in cartridges, nothing pre-installed or CD-like.

4. Gameboygameboy

Ah, the memories of the Gameboy. I still remember games like Donkey Kong, Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, Tetris, Zelda…  

5. TamagotchiTamagotchi

Tamagotchi comes for the Japanese word ‘Tamago’ that means egg, hence the egg shape. It’s those kind of games where you start off with an egg and you have to take care of it (feeding, poop-cleaning, exercise etc) or it would die. This thing could really keep you occupied for a long time…

6. Floppy DisksFloppy Disks

They’re kind of like pendrives and compact disks. Just that these buddies can only be inserted into the central processing unit (CPU) of the old kind of computers.

7. CassettesCasette

Before the existence of compact disks (CD), most of our audio were recorded in cassettes and that’s why in some old cars models you can still see the radios with compartments for cassettes and not CDs.

8. WalkmanWalkman

If you wanted to listen to the songs on a cassette or an album (for CDs) you just bought, and you don’t have a radio, this is the thing you need! It’s like a really old version of the media players we have now.

That’s a lot of old technology that we have, and behold just how we have advanced! Suddenly today’s technology seems much more impressive, doesn’t it?

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