By: Chloe Kong
Photos by: Andrea Tai

Many may have wondered where do the “out-of-place” escalators lead you to? Perhaps to a magical world? Or could it be the entrance to Platform 9 and ¾? Nope, they are stairways to the new Student Hub!
With an all-new Power Studio, meeting and conference rooms, this place is another place for students to chill and relax as well as a place for discussions and doing assignments! However, not many students know about its existence even until today.
The official launch was held on 30th of September 2015. Thanks to the hard work of the members of student council as well as the Student Services Department, the new student hub has been officially launched! From food to the performances to the socializing, the launch was a success!
Being the ‘media’ of the university, we were grateful for invitation from the student council as we enjoyed the event! Even though we were not able to interview many people but we managed to interview the three stars of the day that rocked the stage.
Performer #1
Performer Profile:
Name- Katou Masahiro
Course: Victoria University’s Business Course
Duration of stay in Malaysia: 2 years
Q1: How did you find out about Sunway University?
A1: It was by pure coincidence as I did not do any research about Malaysia. I met a guitarist who sang Japanese songs and I was impressed. Afterwards, I got to know that she is a Sun-U student and that the university has nice facilities as well as being convenient for students.
Q2: Did you know about the new Student Hub?
A2: No, I did not know about it until I came here for rehearsal the day before.
Q3: What do you think about it?
A3: It is really nice and a utopia for students. The old Student Centre is nice as well; I think I will come here more often too.
Q4: Which is your favourite part of the student hub?
A4: The stage. However, if I sing there, it might be noisy. That is the reason why I usually sing at the cafeteria.
Q5: What is your first impression about Malaysia?
A5: The people here are friendly. Everyone is so friendly and it is really comfortable.
Q6: How different is it between Malaysian students and Japanese students?
A6: Malaysian students tend to focus more on their studies whereas Japanese students do not. In Japan, students do not study and they either play or do part time jobs. The money earned would then be spent on their hobbies. Because of that, I study here in hopes of changing myself.
Performers #2 and #3
When two is better than one, these two sisters showed us just that!
Performer Profile #2:
Name: Celyn Chow
Age: 19
Course: CFAB
-Does cover songs on Soundcloud and Youtube
-often performs for school and college events
-Has a Soundcloud and a Youtube channel: celynling
Performer Profile #3
Name:Carrelyn Chow
Age: 19
Course: Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia
-Enjoys singing but does not cover songs
-Performs with Celyn as a group.
Q1: Did you know about the new Student Hub?
Both: No, we did not. We only knew about it during the sound check after getting a call from Kelly.
Q2: What do both of you think about the new Student Hub?
Carrelyn: It is nice and cosy and it feels like a home.
Celyn: However, the location is a bit tricky for those who did not know about it.  
Q3: What is your favourite spot here?
Celyn: The Power Studio. It is classy and much more spacious compared to the old one.
Carrelyn: The Mural Painting.
Q4: Do you perform often?
Carrelyn: We only perform occasionally.
Celyn: Due to the lack of networking, we do not perform outside.
Q5: Will you consider taking up singing as a future career?
Carrelyn: I see singing as a hobby. About it being a career, I am still considering it.
Celyn: Well, we have been singing since young. I joined competitions since primary school days. We started performing as a duet when we entered secondary school.
Q6: What would you want to tell our readers?
Celyn: To always go for your passion. Both education and your hobbies are important. Hence, you must also never neglect it.
The interview was short due to the girls needing to leave right after that. Nevertheless, they were really kind to provide us with some of their time. Kudos and all the best to all three performers!

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