Reviewed by: Christopher Liew
Instead of reviewing Malaysian cafes, this time we are reviewing a cafe all the way in Taiwan’s Tamsui. The unique thing about this cafe is its location in the heart of the Old Street of Tamsui. They have only a small space available, but the utilized it the best they can by maximizing the usage of the area. The top floor was used as the dining area while the bottom floor was used to prepare meals and brew drinks.

Interior View of Coffee and Waffles

Exterior Design of Coffee and Waffles

Overall, the design of the dining area was rather cozy. It had a nice ambience to it and it provides a really calm feeling for any customers there, with just the perfect choice of playlist. The design was themed around wood-ish items, as can be seen by their furniture. Books were also provided for customers who would prefer to read and relax. It needs to be emphasized that while the small space was completely utilized, the element of comfort was not forgotten and a relaxing indoor dining experience was provided.
Interior Design of the Dining Area of the Cafe

Interior Design of the Lower Floor of the Cafe

Like most other cafes, this cafe also provides specialty brew coffee. They have two bean varieties – Yirgacheffe as well as Antigua Flora, which costs about 100NTD (Approximately RM11). Their coffee has a bold aroma with just a hint of a flowery scent, with a slight citrusy sourness along with a trace of burnt nutty flavour. It’s a very good deal for such a skillful brewing at the price given as the Specialty Brew is not as easily prepared as espresso brewing.
Interior View of Coffee and Waffles

While I was there, I got myself a latte with brown sugar mochi waffles. Their latte gave off a strong flavour as how coffee would normally do with smooth steamed milk, and the mixture of the latte’s slight bitter flavour with the smoothness of milk gave the perfect balance of both flavours in that one cup. Despite the foam layer being a little rough after polishing, the coffee itself is surely able to provide a good drinking experience to any coffee lovers. As for the brown sugar mochi waffles, the waffle is not only crispy but it also has the extreme sweetness of mochi in it, its sweetness and warmth seeping into you as you dig into them.
Ice-cream Waffles at RM11

Warmth of the waffles mixed with the chilling sensation of the ice cream, in such a way that the flavour of the butter from the waffles mixes with creaminess and sweetness of the cream.

Location and contact details:

Coffee & Waffles

Location: 1F. , No.19, Zhongsan Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Date reviewed: 2nd January 2016

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