TV Series review- Daredevil vs The Flash: A TV series showdown

by Esther Cheok

The Marvel TV series ‘Daredevil’ and ‘The Flash’ have been a big hit ever since they were released. As a fan of Marvel and having watched both TV series, I will be discussing on the differences of the two in this article.

 Two years ago, I started watching ‘The Flash’ after being pressured by a friend, who claimed that the actor who plays Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, was handsome. Indeed, ‘Grant Gustin’ was very good looking. The plot of the first season revolved around how Barry Allen, after being caught in an particle-accelerator accident, found himself being able to run at lightning speed. While working as a crime scene investigator, Barry was trying to investigate the death of his mother, who he was sure was killed by someone with similar superhuman abilities. In layman terms: The Flash is that dude in the red costume whose speed brings Usain Bolt to shame.

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As for ‘Daredevil’, I only began to watch it last year, and that was because I really liked the dark and mysterious side of the main character when it was shown on an advertisement. The series starts by showing how the main character, Matt Murdock, was blinded as a boy due to a chemical spillage from a truck. The chemical, however, heightened his remaining four senses.Like The Flash, Matt Murdock, known as Daredevil, used his heightened senses and stunning karate abilities to fight crime at night. During the day, however, he works as a lawyer. In layman terms: Daredevil is a blind guy who kicks butts.


The obvious difference between the two series is that’ The Flash’ is definitely more family orientated. By that, I mean that the whole series is more light and cheery. On the other hand, everything about ‘Daredevil’ is serious and dark. One would have to pay full attention in order to follow the plot. I for one, enjoyed watching ‘Daredevil’ more. The cinematography, and acting of all the characters, Matt Murdock, and especially Kingpin (the villain) brought the whole story to life. Nevertheless, it depends on what tone of a TV series you’d prefer. If it’s something light hearted, I’d recommend ‘The Flash’; or if you prefer a more psychologically stimulating series, ‘Daredevil’ would be perfect.

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