by Merissa Tan
The 10th of April is celebrated annually as National Siblings Day in some parts of the United States of America, though the occasion is seen spreading to other countries including India and Australia. The day honours the special relationship between siblings, one that is more often than not a love-hate one. Let’s explore that love-hate relationship, and expose some things that only those with siblings will understand! 😉

  • You are ALWAYS compared to your siblings.
    Somehow, you are expected to inherit all the talents your siblings possess. Especially if you’re the youngest in the family, you will usually hear phrases such as “Oh your sister was a really bright student!” “Your brother is an amazing musician; you must be rather musically talented yourself!” Cue all the high expectations from your family and friends to live up to your siblings’ standards!
  • And if you’re the older one, you’re expected to assume responsibility for all your siblings.

You’re basically responsible for all your siblings’ mischiefs when your parents are not around. And because you’re supposed to “set a good example” to your siblings, every time you got into trouble, it was magnified by like, tenfold!

  • You fight, A LOT.

From fighting over Barbie dolls to calling shotgun, you are pretty much arguing with your siblings 24/7. Sometimes physical conflicts occur and you swung a fist a little too hard; you’ll find yourself bribing them with sweets so that they will stop crying, and your parents won’t find out.

Siblings Fighting over Hamburger

  • You know each other’s deepest secrets.

Your siblings can be the only people whom you can confess certain things that you’re not comfortable sharing with other people to. One example is when you get into some trouble in school and you’re feeling down but you can’t tell your parents because they’d give you a scolding; that’s when you turn to your siblings to pour your heart out!


  • They know you better than you know yourself.

When you spend so much time with someone, they will eventually be so familiar with your personality that they would figure out the decisions you will make even before you make up your mind! Sometimes it’s like they can read your mind and say the exact same thing you’re about to say. Jinx, and jinx again! Now that’s not telepathy, that’s just how siblings work! 😉
If you have brothers and sisters in your family, consider yourself lucky, because there really isn’t a relationship out there as special as that of siblings! Sure they can be a pain in the arse sometimes (most times to be honest) but as cheesy as it sounds, blood IS thicker than water, and you can always unt on them to carry some weight off your shoulders when you feel like the world is collapsing on you!

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