Let Your Body Speak 2016

by Chloe Kong
As a human, we are unable to read other people’s minds. If there is anything that could transcend words, that would be actions. In this era, the phrase “Actions speak louder than words,” is not something uncommon or so to speak. Every move you make could tell others about what you are thinking and such.
On 13th of April, the Peer Counseling Volunteers held a workshop to talk about body language. An interesting workshop conducted by Miss Jun from the Student Services Department’s Counseling unit. Many students turned up for the event to learn more. Other than students, there were lecturers present too. From the top of the head, to the end of the toes, Ms. Jun covered several pointers regarding the body language, such as the postures, the eye movements and many more!

Ms. Jun explaining about our voice

The event was very knowledgeable. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Miss Jun covered about how each part of our bodies move under different condition. One of the examples would be how the eyes would look to the left when you recalling something. (Writer’s quirk: perhaps that is how you can tell when someone is lying?)
Besides the presentations, there were also other interactive activities. After each topic introduction, Miss Jun would get the attendees to pair up. Depending on the topic shown on the slide, each person would be required to perform different tasks.It was fun to watch as the participants seriously attempted these tasks.

Long lectures or talks can be dull and it can be hard to capture the attention of the people who are listening. Hence, Miss Jun used pictures and videos to keep the talk going. Personally, I really liked the Charlie Chaplin video. Despite being audio-less and colourless, it was really entertaining and fun to watch.
What is more, the PCV members were really helpful and spontaneous. All of them were involved in the demonstrations. Each member performed really well in this segment. Laughter can be heard as they did their best to demonstrate the various body language for our better understanding.

Overall, it was something worthwhile and informative. Kudos to PCV for coming with this event! I am so glad to be able to attend this.

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